MEW Secret Santa 2018


A good idea for some people !


i see they are calling the death star a “spaceship destroyer” :rofl:


This is sooo cool!
But my wife is going to kill me if I buy more unneccesary stuff. I already bought a̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶p̶l̶e̶ quite a few bobbleheads yesterday…


Wow really?? It is a damn Planet destroyer!!!


Yup. And then following typical Imperial logic, the big wedgie ships are called Star Destroyers.


I now just need glitter.


Crazy Store or China Town :smiley:


Thanks, we’ve got a Crazy Store close by. Will go have a look. Oh and I need a box too. Do you know of good places to buy boxes?


That I dont know, I save takelot and shoe boxes for this reason :smiley:


Your local China shop would stock those as well. There’s a store with gift boxes of all shapes, sizes and colours in Centurion Lifestyle Mall, next to the FNB bank. There’s also the huge Oriental City close by (across the big Food Lovers Market) that is literally a shopping mall filled with small Chinese shops. Their prices are dirt cheap as well… Every time my wife has to plan a party or event (like a baby shower she hosted this past weekend) we end up in those stores for decorations and the like and we never spend more than a couple of 100 Rand on a boot-load of stuff.

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve bought my gifts already. Now I also need to devise a glitterbomb of sorts and make sure the packaging is suitable. :smiley:


My wife loves this place! She often shops here for decorations and items for the preschool.


Don’t hesitate to drop me a message when you’re this side of the metro again, so we can grab a coffee. I’ve got a suspicion we’ll get along quite well, not to mention the better halves. There’s a place called Vintage Coffees just across from Grey Owl shopping center which really do make good cuppas… And their profit goes to a good cause of your own choosing.


That would be great!

I realise now that I didn’t read your whole message properly - and that you’re talking about a place in Centurion. The “China Mall” our side is also right by a Food Lovers Market, but in Roodepoort :smile:

I will let you know when I am in that area though, Vintage Coffees sounds like a place I’d enjoy.


Some of you lot don’t have anything or very little on your wish list on steam please for the sake of my sanity place something in there.


It’s been a problem for me for years now.

In my opinion, if people don’t have at least 20 games on their wishlist then you are welcome to send them a bunch of joke games.


Or send them good games that you would personally recommend.


Or that. :slight_smile:

Or send them indie games that don’t have a lot of reviews but where the games look good and that way you support the developers.

Or people must just update their wishlists and not make Santas all over the world crazy.


Squee part 1 is ordered and on its way. part 2 will have to wait till I have my car


I need to get my gat in rat!
I know what I am getting my victim though


my victim is yet to do a write up, but i have stalked the crap out of that person and have a couple gift ideas,