MEW Secret Santa 2018


@Talentloos OPEN IT!

Mika and the chicken update:
Minutes after uploading the video the chicken died


Also if my SS could be so kind, let someone know where I can find a replacement chicken - he misses it already


I hope you got a permission denied error on that one…



$ sudo su - root


I think you might need to “upgrade” that toy…

They’ve got free delivery of bulk orders


LMAO @ vi commands


I love vi and all its complexity. It’s so unnecessarily difficult to do almost anything in it, but it makes you feel like an absolute jedi once you manage to create a new text file, put some text in it and save it to disk. Bonus points for saving it in a restricted area and not using root. :smiley:


We are currently trying to break his habit of catching live birds - he is a naught dipshit that catches finches and so on.

He leaves the Hadeda’s alone tho


I can confirm that the courier has just collected my package… It should be there by the time that is indicated on the slip that i shall not divulge as to throw you scoundrels off the scent…


Now I am sad that I got mine already


ok picked up my gift, video to follow!

oh and to my Secret Santa, the office cleaning lady thanks you for all the glitter that is now in her kitchen :rofl::grin:


I found this on the internet -

also, THIS!


ARE you my SS?!??!


HAHA! No you would have had A LOT more glitter if it was me


So the time came to open my present.

Not this year motherfuckers. I am prepared!

No visible signs of Glitter yet. I am on high alert though.

Some Glitter is noticed.



Now lets get to the good stuff.

I have always wanted a bubblehead! That is amazing. And I am going to scare the living shit out of my cats with that dinosaur head.

Under the dinosaur head and bobblehead, modeling clay and instructions to make a goddamn dragon. I will try to make my SS proud and make that dragon!

Thank you so much to my SS. Everything is amazing!


Wow that is awesome!

Also more glitter


Very cool. Thanks for the step by step photos.


In case you need help with that dragon

(There’s a story behind the reason I have that URL memorized)


By just reading homestar runner in the URL I will have to imagine we are talking about TROGDOOOOOORRR!!!


Ooh, received another one earlier this week:
So much fun to be had :grin: