MEW Streamers (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer)



Out of interest, what bitrate and settings would you be using for these streams?

I’ve been playing around with SLOBS lately as I find the technical aspects of streaming interesting.


I’ve been experimenting with both OBS Studio and SLOBS, but at the moment all my messing around has been on OBS. I Like SLOBS a lot with all it’s added features and integrations with alerts and their Chatbot, but am wanting to get a basic stream setup sorted before going gung-ho with the bells and whistles, and OBS just makes more sense to me as I’ve been messing around with it for years now.

Settings wise, I’m juggling bitrates between 2500 and 4000 depending on my connection. I normally start the stream at the lower end of the scale, run for 10 minutes and if it’s stable, bump it up in increments of 250 at a time. OBS has a decent Stats view that you can bring up to monitor input and output lag and dropped frames, that I watch. Also, bitrate is one of the few settings that can be adjusted while you are streaming, which is useful.

Video Settings:

  • Base Canvas Resolution = 1920x1080 (matching the game settings)
  • Output (Scaled) Resolution = 1280x720
  • Downscale Filter = Bicubic
  • Common FPS Values = 30 or 60 (depending on the game)

Output Settings:

  • Encoder = NVENC (if it’s something not heavily GPU dependent) / x264 (if it’s something not heavily CPU dependent)
  • Untick Enforce Stream Service Encoder Settings
  • Untick Rescale Output (You’re already scaling in Video Settings, doing it here as well is redundant and resource draining)
  • Rate Control = CBR
  • Bitrate = 2500 - 4000 (I generally try to settle on around 3500)
  • Keyframe = 1/2
  • Preset = NVENC - High Quality / x264 - faster
  • Profile = Main
  • (NVENC) Level = Auto
  • (x264) Tune = Zerolatency
  • Untick Use Two-Pass Encoding
  • GPU = Only relevant if you have more than one GPU
  • B-frames = 0

As always with these things, YMMV!!


It seems I was doubling up on my downscaling. Setting it in the video settings and not output freed up some CPU resources. Thank you!