Microsoft Just dropped a Ton of Xbox Series X Information

Microsoft is clearly controlling the narrative moving into the next generation of consoles, they have revealed the physical design of the console confirmed its GPU is RDNA 2 based with hardware ray-tracing, quick resume of games even after a hard reboot and forward and backward compatibility of controllers and peripherals. Whilst we are still waiting on Sony to release anything concrete apart from the logo they officially revealed and some titbits from Mark Cerny in wired articles.

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As always Digital Foundry getting the inside scoop on the hardware and what it can achieve. Looks very good! I just dont know if I can justify a console with my current PC expenditure…


I really want one but I worry that with the rand being so worthless right now it will cost a fortune.


Not impressed.

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Why not?


With those specs can’t beat the fastes pc’s outright now. By the time it launches both Amd & Nvidia will have new cards. In the past at launch the console were at least able to match the pc, not for long but still.

Might be exciting for console gamers but for me its very very lacklustre…

2080ti alone would probably be 2x the cost of the console, I’d wait for pricing to be confirmed of the console before knocking it.


Yeah, that’s generally been the strength of consoles… They offer a lower barrier to entry, but then individual games are more expensive (in South Africa).


That’s where Game Pass is so great. I just don’t have to buy games anymore.