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Hmmm I’m actually not sure what mine is. I think it may be solitudesa. Will have to go check.


You changed it again? :joy:


Sorry mate…

Literally the pronunciation and look of the name is what makes or breaks it for me.

As it stands now: oneightsh is One (1) Eight-sh (H). There’s one H in my name. And, H is the Eighth (8th) letter of the alphabet.

Also, I have a thing about word fusion.


Word confusion more like it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You - shurrup!





more words to make the forum happy



Had to wait until I rebooted into my gaming OS to figure out my id. :slight_smile:


Changed my ID to Shrike_ZA


I’m at it again, I’m sorry:




I have to agree with Cronus, Hagan, the identity crisis is getting ridiculous - maybe go see someone?


I’m SIGSTART… always SIGSTART. Except where I’m not.


I couldn’t find you :frowning:

*EDIT: My bad… Didn’t see the new post.