Most Epic UPlay Ubisoft Community



Same as for all the other services. We need a list of MEW members names on UPlay/Ubisoft because so many of you have multiple personalities and are textbook grade schizos. Maybe also include your preferred platform. Drop your names in the thread and I’ll update the list as and when.

MEW Name UPlay Username Platform
@CrONus CronusZA PC
@DarthMol D4rthMol
@Deadlypinecone Deadlypinecone
@FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden
@GregRedd GregRedd PC
@Nimatek Luc_za PC
@Stefan stefan99inter
@TechThief CrzCop PC
@Viper Viper_GTI PC
@Wyvern WyvernZA

The Division 2

Mew: DarthMol
Uplay: D4rthMol


just Deadlypinecone I think



PC only


CronusZA - PC


Luc_za - PC


I am seriously struggling to log into the uplay app

Its driving me nuts


I have added you all


Are we going to do this for the epic launcher as well? :rofl:


And gog galaxy XD


Bethesda launcher too


Eventually there will be a launcher for all the launchers i can just see it hahahah


One launcher to rule them all



PC only



PC Only
Me and my wife are in the very beginning stages of Ghost Recon Wildlands. If anyone wants to join us, just let me know before the weekend and we’ll make a plan. We only play on weekends though.


Gentle reminder for UbiClub users to check your Club Points balance for points that might be expiring in 10 days time. You can’t gift them, bank them, or trade them, so you may as well spend them.


Thanks for the heads up

Edit: Now I just need to find something actually worth using the points on


Agreed, the only place i ever spent ubi points was on the crew, and also why is if expiring, it’s fking digital achiement points basically


That is if I can log in to see my points - I just get please wait


I would like to bring to you guys’ attention, if you get the 20% discount code from Ubisoft using your points.


how do you get one?
I still cant log in