My Sim Racing Rig

Thanks to all your feedback guys! That’s what I love about MEW! People are helpful and supportive even though I have some dumb ideas! :joy:

I have made a decision and bought a G-Force Sim seat. They are going the extra mile and not gluing the seat down (so I can change mounting options if I have to) and even keeping the upholstery unembroidered (is that a real word?).

Who wants to help me come up with a logo? Any designers here?

Hazel has been super helpful and if anyone here needs a rig, wheel or even just some advice then talk to Hazel! Really, cannot give them enough props! (DISCLAIMER: this is not a sponsored advert!)

So now the wait begins for all the goodies to arrive and I can start the assembly. I hate waiting!


I’d love to know how comfy those chairs are. They look like they need some extra padding. If you are happy with them then I may consider them in the future. Um I may have to help them redesign their website however.

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RAther help me with my work one :stuck_out_tongue:

Also remember real racing seats are moulded to them


The thing with the Gforce sim rig is getting into it. If you look at the picture, you have to step over the gear shifter bracket to get your left leg in there. You can’t slide in from the right like a car because of the centre post holding the steering wheel.


“Thats pretty neat” - Lewis Hamilton


Sorry guys, I will be offline all weekend as I set up my RIG!!! The aluminium profiles arrived! Woooop!

Will try do an assembly timelapse, but no promises.


Awesome! I look forward to seeing the result. :smiley:

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Sooooo… The rig is about half way. As I sorted through the parts that arrived I noticed a mistake.

I received only 1 length of 560mm aluminium, but clearly ordered 2. As it turns out I need 3 anyway! Doh! The missing parts have been ordered and should hopefully get here this week still.

So at the moment there is nowhere for the seat to mount to, which should hopefully be here this week as well.

So far it is halfway assembled and I can drive it with a plastic chair in the open space. But the height is all wrong, and it feels a little uncomfortable. The monitor is too far away and and and… So last night I moved it to my TV, stuck my XBOX in and drove a few good laps of Spa and Monza. Then I tried some Forza and boy oh boy, Forza does not feel good on the wheel!

Anyway, I will keep you updated with some more pics and info when more happens!


I look forward to seeing the final product!

When I first got my wheel the first thing I tried was F1 2018 and it worked great out of the box. Then I tried Forza Horizon 4 and wow it felt so strange.

There she is! It is a lot more of an F1 profile than a GT profile, but it is way more comfortable than what I expected! Soooo happy!

I might have to upgrade the seat or find a way to stiffen it a bit. It flexes a bit under my fat butt!

I also have a lot of ideas for the next version 2.0. it will be longer and the seat will be a bit higher, regardless of seat type. And monitor stands integrated etc. However for now the budget means I should be DRIVING more and building less…

See you guys on the track!


Very, very nice! Zoom zoom to the max!


Looks good dude. Now you can beat @DieGrootHammer :smiley:


Fantastic job! Looks very neat and polished.


That looks amazing! May you win many races!


So I spent about 2 hours in the seat tonight and I have to admit: I am too fat for the seat… The foam is squished giving no more support. I will continue looking for a good seat. Other than that I really enjoyed it! The screen needs to be a little lower than on my desk - it feels like I am look UP and not forward. And that’s it, cannot find any other fault! Overall, pretty happy!


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But does it come is XXL? :joy:



No thank you. I’ll rather go full on carnivore diet.


He is doing it to save the planet - and got clapped for flying alone in his private plane :stuck_out_tongue: