Need For Speed Heat Announced

EA announced today that a new Need for Speed title will be upon us soon after taking a year off since the release of the less than stellar Need for Speed Payback in 2017.

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Races will now cost fuel, which you can buy for $5.99

But it all seriousness, i really want a good nfs game, the underground remake came so close, if only it wasn’t for the gamebreaking bug of falling through the map :confused:


3 days early play for EA Access subscribers:

Launching November 5 on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial and November 8 Worldwide.

And Gameplay trailer in 5 days time:

Pre-Order sales pages and pricing are up:

PC (Origin)
Standard @ R999.95
Deluxe @ R1099.95

PlayStation 4
Standard @ R999.00
Deluxe @ R1069.00

Xbox One
Standard @ R999.00
Deluxe @ R1099.00

For those prices, only way I’m prepared to risk another Need For Speed game is if my Access sub is still valid in November. Otherwise it’s waiting until a big sale. Even if the gameplay trailer and subsequent reviews are solid. The combination of the last NFS, “surprise boxes”, and EAs Anthem release makes me less than confident.

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I actually enjoyed The Run, but more for the scenery as you drove across America.

Yeah, here’s hoping this goes well.

I’ve only really played the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remake.

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Yeah I really enjoyed that one too. I remember this live action trailer they made for it. I was so hyped by it. They don’t do things like this any more.

NFS - Le Garbage

I really enjoyed NFS 2015, if it’ll be anything like that then I’m in, Payback felt… off.

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