Nintendo Switch Lite prices for South Africa confirmed at R3,999

The Nintendo Switch Lite finally has confirmed recommended retail pricing in South Africa. You can start saving, like me, for the R3,999 to get it at local retailers on 20 September.

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I would have preferred one of these. So much easier to carry around.


I will hopefully own one by Dec :smiley:
unless the shit hits the fan!


Awesome! I hope you get it!

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Me too :smiley:


I would miss my dock too much. Even though I mostly use my Switch in handheld mode, some games (like Hyrule Warriors) just play better in docked mode.

Another thing I’m worried about with the switch lite is the joycon drifting. There’s no replacing the joycons on a lite so if it’s starts drifting (outside warranty) you’re in trouble, especially since local Nintendo won’t honour NIntendo USA agreement of free (joycon) repairs for life. A combination of Q20 and contact cleaner does work wonders, but it’s not ideal.

Still, it’s not a bad price and I would pick one up in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a (normal) Switch.

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Hmmmmm. I might be in the market for a Switch quite soon and will be playing in handheld mode exclusively. The smaller screen and lack of rumble does bother me a wee bit though…

If you 100% never are going to dock it then I guess you can’t go wrong with the Lite. I would still go for the new model of the base one if you could though. It’s great to be able to dock it and detaching the joycons for 2-player games is also great.

I’ve never used my Switch with a dock. Haven’t even tried it out since I got it.

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That is a very good price for the console and if I didn’t have a Switch already this would br the model to choose. In my 2 years having a Switch I’ve used my bock once. Right now I don’t even know where my dock is and it doesn’t even bother me.


The reduced screen size, rumble and motion sensors being dropped doesn’t bother you at all? Not owning a Switch, I don’t know how those impact the experience, but it seems like it would affect it quite a bit.

I can’t remember when last I played a game where I noticed the rumble sensors, and the last game i played with any motion sensors was Mario Odyssey. Which again was more like a thing that was there, but didn’t make the gameplay at all.

As for the screen, it’s not bothered me yet, as the screen i like a few inches from my face. I played more than 150 hours of Zelda like that, more than 200 hours of Stardew Valley in handheld mode. I see the Switch as a full on mobile console, and my expectations from it is such. So all those things are absolutely elements I can live without.

There are some games that do require motion controls, but those are very limited and only a handful of games rely on it.

Overall I would say I prefer the Switch far more as a mobile console than a console connected to a TV. I have an Xbox for that.


I also never used my dock much, until I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and more recently Hyrule Warriors. While both games are entirely playable on handheld they do suffer from some visual/performance issues. Hyrule Warriors runs at a supersampled 1080P in handheld which causes the game to have very choppy framerate, I don’t usually notice framerates but in this game it is immediately apparent that it runs way better in docked mode. With Xenoblade it’s more of a resolution problem as the game uses a dynamic resolution in handheld mode and sometimes it looks really blurry. Neither of these issues are deal breakers mind you, but they do exist.

One other thing I thought of now. Pokemon Let’s Go supports two player, but only in docked mode. I play with both joycons at the same time myself to make catching Pokemon or battling trainers easier. It’s also great to be able to dock the Switch and hand a joycon to my nephew to join me in Mario Kart or Hyrule Warriors or whatever else.

Yeah I have a PS4 that’s connected to my TV, but my PS4 can’t play Switch exclusives.

It’s probably not a big deal but the HD rumble is awesome. Of course if it’s not there it won’t really bother you, but it is great to feel it. Motion controls are a bit of a hit and miss. Games like Doom or Warframe play really well with the gyro controls and motion aiming works well in Zelda BotW as well, but other than that I don’t really use it either.

See this is why I want the Lite version. I hate rumble on controls - I tend to throw controllers when they vibrate in my hands - it doesnt do anything except break the gameplay immersiveness for me.

I don’t really use the dock either. The cheaper price makes buying the pro controller seem a bit more affordable though. I find the joycons uncomfortable, and a smaller Switch is probably even worse.

I have tiny hands so the switch lite is just right :smiley:

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I wouldn’t mind one of these. Especially if I have to commute wherever I end up.

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If I understand correctly, JoyCons can still be connected to the Lite. Essential for No More Heroes:

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