Official MEW Race of Geeks


Yeah that initial burst off the apex is tough with 0 TC


I use ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the assist and will not remove them for a long time as you can see I am the williams of the group


Is there a setting that you can take the pillar out of your view?

Only played about 10 minutes so far so not played around with the settings yet


Yes you can. From the main settings menu from the main menu you can change the cockpit view to have the pillar or not. I turned if off immediately.


Look what’s just been add to the XBox Game Pass Library:


Ok just bought it for the amazing price of R82 on steam. Will see if i get a chance to participate.


I got some warm up laps in. A bit off the pace it seems.


Naw I am off the pace you are on the edge :smiley:


Much better runs on PC. But I had an issue tonight. Once I plugged in my wheel, it did not want to give any force feedback at all. No feeling through the wheel on grip or understeer, nothing.

Still, I managed to set some pretty decent lap times i feel:

Time set with the Haas. Pretty much on par with what I did on the Xbox One, which I am happy with. Apparently my ultimate final time I can set with this car is a low 1:23.2

The Merc went very well. Totally a different machine in feel and grip. It was speed for days!!!

And now I’m playing on PC, the total friend time:


Quali 1.25.48 ( Redbull racing)
Race 1.25.936 (haas)

I enjoyed this. Just couldnt eek any more time out


I got caught out with work and loadshedding :frowning:


Jis you guys are too quick. This game is more difficult than I thought. Did not have much time to try though as I was away the whole weekend. But I will put in some more time for the next race.


Anybody want to add last minute times? I know load-shedding didn’t help.

F1 takes a little getting used to so the next race is in Bahrain on the 31st of March.

We will keep the cars the same (HAAS and any car you want) - can start practicing now


Right, Bahrain and I are not friends. Not my favourite track to drive, but at least I tried and set a provisional time. No screenshot unfortunately, but I’ll take one later in the week when I do better. My initial time was a 1:29.806 with the Haas. I’m okay with it, but still need to play around with the setup. I don’t have the car setup correct yet. T9 and T10 is absolute bitches, and where I loose the most time. If I get those right, I should easily get the time down to low 1:29’s


Is that that horrible little left that makes the next left impossible to line up?


That’s correct. A corner that you cannot break flatout because you’re not breaking in a straight line. It’s very tricky, and I end up breaking earlier so that I can have less break power. I also move break bias a lot more to the rear before the corner, otherwise I absolutely will lockup into that corner, go wide and the whole lap is ruined.


Do you play around with the break bias lots?
That is something I have not done at all.

I stick with you up until that corner, then it all goes to crap


I do play around with the break bias, but not for every corner like a real F1 driver. I have T9 and T10 where I change the break bias to about 55%, then back to 60% for the next corner after the straight. My last break bias change is before the last corner, going up to 62% to get the car to bite more into the corner and hopefully getting a better run out for the pit straight.


Will play around with it a bit. I feel extremely slow in this game though. Think I am doing many things totally wrong


What is your wheel’s rotation set to? The default 900 for me is crazy hard to deal with in F1. Even 360 feels like its too much.