Official Movie Trailer Thread



This looks AWESOME!!! Rami Malek looks awesome as Freddie.


The opinions on the whatsapp group differ from yours.

I don’t know yet; I was not aware of the history of the making of the movie with Sasha Baren Cohen. After learning about that bit, I’m a bit more reserved now. Seems like it will be a biased movie in a way.


Keen for this. Superman looks badass.




Didn’t want to make a whole new thread for this…


Again, not a trailer but still a teaser…


Someone should tell John Cena to stop this “acting” he is doing





Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?



Wonder how long it’ll take for the conspiracy theorists to latch onto this as further proof that the original was staged? :smiley:






I dunno about anyone else, but I really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing this.


Ive been to scared to watch the trailers - does it look like it will do Pooh and the rest justice?


DAYEM!! I get goosies and hits me in the feels… so much of nostalgia. If it isn’t the same voice actors they done a banger to get them as close as possible. And I think Ewan McGregor does a fantastic job.