Petrol Heads


Eish dude, I was hoping for better results!


I’ll post a pic of my car someday. But I currently own a 2006 VW Jetta MK5 2.0TFSI.
Got some mods going on it, Software and Exhaust. Makes a mild 176kw, forgot my NM.


I get a lot of flak but I’m very keen on getting a Renault Megane. Specifically the GT-line. It’s such a beautiful car and it drives so great. Don’t want to spend that much on a car though so will only go for it if I get a decent raise. Will know before the end of April.


Niice in the US they call them Jetta Gli’s


Yeah I see the Gli’s there have the GTi fronts, where the Jetta’s here have a R32 looking front.
Also, the GLIs have the GTI steering wheel. A friend of mine did a steering wheel swap on his Jetta MK5.


the market it there as a sedan golf GTI which it is in fairness, thats why their cars have the gti grill, wheels and interior accents, here and in europe they just marketed it as a top tier sedan. US cars also have normal halogen tail lights, led tail lights were not apporved yet over there when the jetta 5 got released there

the local cars are better looking than the us ones tbh


Yep I agree. Also… Went out for a drive last night with friends and finally got a nice pic of my car. Damn it came out good if I must say so myself.


Very nice pics man! WoW


30s Exposure and used someone else’s flash just for 2 seconds to get the phone to focus on the car. No light sources anywhere else. except for the light streaking guy XD


Awesome day at the track. Feeling much more comfortable and ready for the next race


I did Price Alberts pass and into Die hell on a bicycle when I was still fit.

At the age of 12 I started my first business. Bought an action man and put the rest into unit trusts.
By the time I was finished with matric I had enough to buy a brand new bantam 1.3i
I got it a month before I got my license. I drove it for 10 years until I needed a family car.
Bought a 2009 Subaru Outback 2.5i which has served me well since.

I dream of owning an ariel atom as a fun car and a series 2 Land Rover for trips into Africa.


I would love a spin in the Ariel Atom, BUT would take the Ariel Nomad for myself if I had the cash and had to choose between the 2


That Nomad is so cool, do some rallys in it


By the way, who has seen the Apollo IE?

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One of my old group of friends used moist as a synonym for angry…

I still don’t know why.


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