Petrol Heads


The word ‘moist’ makes my skin crawl.


It is quite a "dirty"word yeah.
I actually know a gamer girl :stuck_out_tongue: with the nic moister than an oyster


Ok so how did we go from cars to moist panties?


Because of this!


Ag, it’s just an Apollo. No big deal.


Actually that is true, see 3 of them every week parked at the spar


Yeah I can’t throw a rock around this town without hitting one.

They look so over the top though- I mean imagine going down the corner with that thing.


Must have so many noise complaints! Unlucky man :frowning:


Come to think of it is a bit noisy around here.



Nutting fancy, dad installed some fancy dash to his car, just took him 3 weeks to sort out the wiring :stuck_out_tongue:
He loves it cos it has the rev counter, engin, gearbox temps, water temp. Even the fancy lights to show him when to change gear.




This sport just keeps on evolving. What is next?


Can you explain what I am looking at? I know he is using his elbow - is it similar to using a knee?


Yeah, in the 1970s Kenny Roberts started using his knee as a guide. And now the bikes are able to lean over so far that guys are putting down their elbows. Just wondering how far the bikes can still tilt and how far guys can lean off. Riding styles just keep on evolving with the advances in technology


Thanks for that lesson, I know they use their knees, didnt realise elbows is a new thing.

:smiley: Its brilliant enough that they use their knees like that - sometimes VERY scary watching them tilt the bikes and throw them around so much - especially the scrawny guys!




That last triumph is a thing of beauty. My god.


Then you should like these as well



I love that style of bike. Superbikes don’t do anything to me. I think its cause the first bike I fell in love with was the Suzuki Bandit 400. There was a yellow and black one in town and every day after school I would go to the dealership and just sit there and look at it. Never got to own it.

I still want one.