Petrol Heads


Perfect bike to turn into a cafe racer!
We have a 1980 something CB400 that I want to use for a cafe racer project when I get the time and funds


what does a cafe racer mean? like breakfast run type vibe?


Nope nope. Like the way they tried to make road racer bikes in the 60s.
Take off the back seat, put the handle bars close to the front suspension
This is quite a good example.


aah ok. Excuse my ignorance. Yes that looks amazing.


BMW and many other brands are actually now manufacturing bikes that already look like cafe racers out of the box. Pretty cool yeah!


Another awesome day at the track this past weekend



WTF! This is insanity!


Got myself a highly sought after flat bottom steering wheel, these are like hens teeth and super expensive everywhere, this was a bargain i couldn’t let go so i had to sell out 2k for it, now i just need an airbag since its different from my current one.

And this is what they go for on ebay, note this isnt even the cheapest one on there


FP1 Streaming on FB for those at work bored and wanting something to do/watch



My dream car is the Suzuki Jimny.
Would love to get one one day but they are out of my price range at the moment.


Mine too. The new one looks absolutely amazing. I had one when i was younger and that thing can go where no other car can go. It is astounding how it manages rough terrain.


I also imagine it must be fairly economical, so that coupled with it’s go anywhere attitude is a massive selling point!

Ive seen them pitted against Landy’s and Jeeps in offroad tests and they dominate.


Not petrol at all. But WOW!!


I bought my dream car today. Pretty crazy. Still in shock.


Do tell! Or even better where is my photos!


an AUDI :grinning:


Nee fok ek hoop nie so nie :stuck_out_tongue:
We dont need another audi victim :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha no, didn’t I mention it earlier in the thread? Can’t remember.

I got a Megane GT. I’ll hopefully get it on Friday. :smile: