Petrol Heads


i will not play this game - remember your MOT will be expensive as well. It also depends on where you stay


Yup, MOT, Tax and insurance on those quite easily equal the selling price of these cars.

Which is likely why I’ll be buying something much more fuel efficient…


Is actually in my price range…


Very nice dude! Im jelly!



under 1000 pounds


Next race at Zwartkops this coming weekend! Can’t wait.
Have not had as much track time as I would have liked at all



Those tires look scary smooth.


Yeah they are. Full slicks front and rear :slight_smile:



Just make sure you have an extra pair of undies before watching this


:open_mouth: Wow, that sounds incredible!


Every time he pinned down that throttle I ended up holding my breath without realizing it! It is absolutely amazing


I have 3 bikes that I am selling if anyone is interested or you know of anyone that might be. MSG me for more details.
2 x 2016 R1200GS LC
1 x 2016 F800GS


This breaks the record for the most expensive car sold at a public auction. Notice the use of the word “public”, because a couple of months ago at a private auction, a different 250 GTO sold for a staggering $70MILLION!!


Holy crap!!




its so fucking pretty.


Can’t wait to see it in the WSSP300