Petrol Heads


Im getting a car Ive been keen on for years this week.

Suzuki Jimny
economical 4x4

you guys have any experience or thoughts on the Jimny?


Also one of my dream cars!


I love the look of the new one


awesome, glad to know that Im not the only one. Other guys think Im mad because of its size and lack of speed.

Same! It also has added ride height and extra passenger leg room. Really keen to see the off road reviews soon.


You don’t need to go fast offroad.

If it had come out a year ago, I would’ve strongly considered buying one


Fun drive. Only took it off road a couple of years back. Wouldn’t mind getting one of the new ones :heart_eyes:


Very capable little thing, expensive parts, but rarely just breaks


New heritage edition ford GT


Haha I posted that a while ago


Ok, feedback on the Jimny.
The lack of space is taking some getting used to,

but, the thing goes absolutely anywhere and is extremely manouvrable. Yesterday I drove 200km on just over a quarter tank!


Sorry guys, I know you’d all be keen to buy one, but all 40 that they’re making have already be sold. :open_mouth:


Can’t even steal one as it would be too rare


Very interesting article that I think a lot of car folks might enjoy. A long read, but worth it:


Porsche has unveiled the new 935 on the occasion of the historic “Rennsport Reunion” motorsport event at Laguna Seca Raceway in California. The 515 kW (700 hp) racer featuring a body reminiscent of the legendary Porsche 935/78 will be produced in a limited number of 77 units.

Not embarrassed to admit that I may have developed a car-porn induced erection.




That is beautiful dude


This put a smile on my face:


Yas I had stress on saturday morning, was checking my engine out and saw my dipstick handle was broken, so tried to get the dipstick out and it ended up falling down the tube into the sump/engine!
Now I was scared to start the car incase the stick was touching moving parts.

Ended up having to take the top of the engine block off and getting the dipstick out with a magnet.
Wrecked my morning plans but oh wells, car is all fine.
I was impressed with how awesome the inside of an engine block is, looked like it was made by the dwarves of skyrim!


I like the rollerbed on the stage :slight_smile: