Resident Evil 2 - is it any good?


Resident Evil 2 is releasing around the world this Friday. It is almost time for gamers to try and escape Raccoon City again, while being chased by hordes of the undead. In preparation for the event, let's take a look at what reviewers around the internet thought about the game.

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Nice summary! RE fans are going to be happy, and those reviews should bring a fair number of new players into the fold, I’m sure.

Found this summary of review scores on Reddit:

(I believe IGN have since upped their score to 9.0 as the original reviewer missed a bunch of stuff)

Also, XBox achievements list is out as well showing 1000 Gamerscore points available:


I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am a Resident Evil fan, nor do I like or enjoy horror games, but I do enjoy the movies. Though for some reason, maybe nostalgia, I want this game. I remember playing the original years ago and this game ticks off so many of those check boxes. It’s looking so good.


I’m not a fan either but will definitely play this game. My account sharing buddy told me yesterday that there is a 90% chance he is buying it on Friday. On top of that a local friend is buying a physical copy and said once he’s done he’ll bring it to me.


Same love the movies. And for some reason want a game with just a better camara and hopefully this will be that game will have so view a few gameplay vids before hand.


If you have access to steam, there is a demo you can play to try it out as well:

(demo has about 6 achievements for those of you who like hunting achievements)




Interesting to see everyone so excited for RE. I’ve never really been into this franchise


My first experience with the Resi franchise was with the original RE2. My cousins had it and I loved watching them play. I was too young to get it myself.

I am interested in the remake and have enjoyed many Resi games since. I think I’ll wait for the price to come down and clear some room for Capcom’s other new release: DMCV.


Oh dear, it scored highly almost everywhere…this will likely be a sucky experience for me


It was good for me, just too gory


Judging by the review scores this has is quite literally the best game ever produced by mere mortals. Oh, NVM, they did the same thing with RDR2


The movies are only good because Milla Jovovich :heart_eyes:



Sweet, looks like I’m getting this later this evening, buddy finished it yesterday.


It’s pretty good so far. Visually the game is really impressive, this RE Engine is quite decent. Can only imagine what it looks like maxed on a PC. Some small things annoy me so far like how you can’t climb over obstacles but that’s obviously a design choice so I can look past it. At least it doesn’t have that classic RE control scheme where the character stands in one spot and turns in a circle if you move the right stick, I would have deleted the game there and then if it was like that.


You’re like a pair of undies.


Meaning? Or you referring to how I change what I play?

My buddy messaged me and asked if he should bring me RE2. What was I gonna do, say no?


Meaning you’re always on the bum



I ended up buying this after all, and spent all weekend playing it. It’s well made and engaging. Nostalgic but modern. Fans of the old Resi games will love this, as will anyone who wants a tense, survival horror game.