Rise of Industry — producing the ultimate tycoon game


Be the tycoon you've always wanted to be. In Rise of Industry, a strategic tycoon game, you assume the role of an industrialist building an empire.

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Oh damn this game looks right up my alley. I’m definitely putting this on my wishlist.


Looks awesome. I had seen it before and also thought it was a Transport Tycoon clone. The depth makes it so much more appealing to me.


Whoo! This looks pretty darn good! Wishlisted!


I wish they’d make a modern version of Transport Tycoon. It was simple but deep, with addictive and easily understood game mechanics. Chris Sawyer was a true mastermind.

Maybe they can even just update OpenTTD with a modern graphics engine (Unity or Unreal would suffice) and streamline the interface, but keep the mechanics in place. I’d play that game for months on end.


I have such great childhood memories about games like Transport Tycoon and Sim City. Best of luck to these devs — this is already looking like a great game.


i played Transport Tycoon to death, way back when!