Steam has a new feature: Play Next

Steam has a new feature in your library called Play Next. I guess trying to get you to play different games.

What games is it recommending you play next. Do you think you’ed listen to the steam algorithm?

I don’t have any of those games installed and don’t have a fast enough line to try them all.


How do you get that screen? Mine seems to recommend 3 games at a time.

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I’ve been looking for a feature like this, but this is not it… In the past I’ve used 3rd party sites to do the same thing and they work way better. I don’t think it’s implemented very well at the moment. Out of the 7 or so games it suggested, I would maybe consider playing 1. reads your library and and looks for games you’ve played for up to x amount of minutes and recommends based on review scores or most common recommendations. You can filter by time played and add to an ignore list.
It’s way better than steams thing IMO.

There are other as well, seems very customizable. I’ve only really used Steam advisor.


It showed up like that. I even have more, there is a scrollable list that goes on and on.


This ties in quite well with why they are launching the Spring Cleaning Event! :wink:


Maybe @Solitude has played so many games they have nothing left to recommend?


Oltmans topic on the Spring Cleaning Event