Steam Winter Sale 2018



While the dates were seemingly leaked a while ago, SteamDB and others have confirmed that this years Steam Winter Sale will begin on December 20:

TechRadar suggests not only an end date of 3 January for the sale, but also some very specific start and end times for the sale:

The Steam Winter Sale will go live on December 20 at 9:55am BST / 1:55am PST / 4:55 EST / 8:55pm AEDT and will run until January 3 at 10:05am BST / 2:05am PST / 5:55am EST / 9:05pm AEDT.

Meanwhile, the second part of the SteamDB tweet has also been confirmed. Some Steam users are reporting the discovery of “Mysterious Card 4” in their Inventory, received for crafting a badge:


The assumption is that the Trading Cards will all be linked to voting in the annual Steam Awards.


Gird your loins, tighten the belt around your wallet, the Steam Winter Sale is almost upon us.

As a reminder for those tempted by a seemingly bargain, remember to login to the SteamDB Sales tracker to keep an eye on things. The tracker can be set to ZAR, you can filter for things like only games on your Wishlist, set a minimum discount level, and sort all the results in pretty much any order you’d like.


And don’t forget that the sale runs through to 3 January - no need to do the sheep thing and flood the site in the first hour - the games on sale and discounts will still be there later!


Awesome. Thanks @GregRedd. Now I can search for only games at 90% discount :joy:



Maybe I went too far.


haha, geez :slight_smile: That’s awesome


Has anyone checked out the Extremely Cozy Cottage of Surprises?

It’s an advent calendar of sorts and each day you can open a window and get some items:

You may receive in-game items and community items such as Steam Profile Backgrounds and Emoticons from participating games, as well as consumable knick-knacks specifically for the 2018 Steam Winter Sale.