TFA, do you use it?

No, not The Force Awakens; Two Factor Authentication.

I just saw that MEW now also supports TFA (unless I missed it previously), which is great. If a site has TFA, I almost always use it. I already have several sites added to my mobile authenticator because I prefer the extra security. Sometimes it can be annoying as some sites seem to forget you logged in yesterday, so when you log in again you need the code again, but overall I prefer having TFA.

So have a look and enable TFA for MEW if you haven’t yet, if you want. I mean, I’m not telling you what to do, it is your choice, but you should totally do it. For science.

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Yes, I use it on a few platforms. Normally where money is involved. It’s a real pain the ass sometimes though.

i use it on other platforms, saw it earlier today when i was on my profile that you can activate it on here.

Yep, steam, google, origin, uplay.

pretty much only where money is involved. find it to be quite the nuisance so only use it if I really think I need to. it is better on sites that doesn’t require it for every login.

I use it all over, prefer the security it does give.

Where ever its available I try to use it.

Picks up phone looks at Authenticator counts 11 login codes

only where I’m forced to use it, like Steam

Same here. I should probably use it more places, but for me it’s already such a hassle just to keep track of passwords that I just can’t be bothered.

That is the reason I started using a password manager a few years ago, because I just ended up using the same 2 or 3 passwords everywhere. So whenever a hack happened, I had to go and change the passwords on all those sites. Now most of my sites have unique passwords.

Yeah I use a password manager as well. Still a PITA.

and I don’t save my card details anywhere except chrome so don’t need TFA in my life

I use it wherever its available.

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