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I’m very conflicted. On the one hand I want to be outraged and angry and complain about the state of F1 and team orders and Mercedes and stuff. But on the other hand I understand perfectly why they did it. And if placed in the same position, I would’ve done the same. While it is sad for Bottas, it is much better for the team to wake up on a Monday with a 50 point lead in the WDC than letting their 2nd driver win a race just for good feelings.

Verstappen was amazing on the day and drove like his life depended on it. Was amazing to see him make passes. That first 3 laps was a driving masterclass.

Well done to Leclerc on a great position, winning the F1.5 race for the weekend. He is stepping up to the plate and showing people why he was chosen for the Ferrari team for next year.

And with this race, Ferrari’s dreams of winning any championship silverware is gone and done. Their car might have been strong at the beginning of the year, but the Mercedes is still miles better than them.


I was looking at the driver swaps this weekend.

Danny Ric’s move is bothering me, it’s like a divorce - such happy times and boom Danny is gone.
He is clearly the 2nd driver at RBR and the move made sense, he would never have gotten a 1st driver drive anywhere in the top teams so he risked it.If Honda produces a good engine he will miss out a dam fine 2019.
Hulkenburg is the quiet kid in the class, does his job, scores points and moves on. They will drive together nicely next year!

On the Bulls - the once arrogant STR who boasted many drivers in its youth team doesn’t really have anybody else with the correct licenses to come up through the ranks.
Kyvat replaces Gasly who is replacing Danny. Hartley has not been on the best form, but have a look at his penalty records, seems he has a mechanical every second weekend - can you blame their “test driver”. I have a feeling if they drop him they might pick up Pascal Weirlein as he has just come on the market as his Merc contract has just expired.
Dr Marko admits looking at Lando Norris to replace Brendon mid season, but Mclaren refused to let him go.
Following Marko’s comments on “lets see how Brendon does in the next few races” - I dont think the DNF will help his cause much.
It’s a pity, i enjoy his off track persona.

Norris to Mclaren - he had a crappy start to his F2 race this weekend and was not at all a shining star before retiring. He has talent, but maybe another year in F2 would do him well.
Carlos to Mclaren… Two new drivers in a struggling team, I hope it turns about.

Giovani/Giovinazzi who? Never heard of him - I wish they would place Tatiana Calderon in their for a bit of eye candy (or diversity if we are being politically correct here).
I still cant believe they dropped Kimi, he is a top driver and le Clerc is doing so well pushing the Saubers. I guess a younger driver demands a lower salary and this is either cost cutting or they are factoring in a new appointment of a sports psycologist??

The elephant in the room, Force India/Force Canada forcing drivers out to make way for their spawn (who actually has some talent, just in a crap car). They are going back to court as a Russian businessman is claiming the administration was not done fairly and he still wants to own the company/team. Lancealot might be minus a seat if all goes through.

Thats my 2c - hope it made sense - ADD is kicking me hard today


The Kimi / Antonio Giovinazzi combo makes sense. Kimi is an old hand at F1 and is the right type of teammate for the person that beat Pierre Gasly, Sergey Sirotkin and almost became a rookie GP2 champion.

Now for some figures :

2012 Formula Pilota China winner
2013 Placed 2nd in the British Formula 3 championship
2014 Placed 6th in the European Formula 3 champs
2015 2nd in European Formula 3
2015 Won the masters of Formula 3
2016 Moved to GP2 and came 2nd
2017 Completed two races for Sauber F1 and was test driver for Haas and Ferrari
2018 Places 5th in Le Mans (LMGTE Pro)
2018 Test driver for Sauber and Ferrari

Key points to note is that on Monza, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Red Bull Ring (Austria), Spa, Catalunya and Sepang he seems to get fastest lap, pole position and/or a podium finish. Lets just hope F1 doesn’t break him



Seems like they just cannot hold on to Team principals hey?


They tend to get rid of them when they fail - they are like all other coaches


:jp: 2018年F1世界選手権第17戦鈴鹿国際レースコース(2018年日本GP)へようこそ! :jp:
[2018-Nen F 1 sekai senshuken dai 17-sen Suzuka kokusai resukosu (2018-nen Nihon GP) e yokoso!]

Welcome to the Suzuka International Racing Course for Round 17 of the 2018 Formula One Championships - the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix!

It’s back-to-back GP weekends and we’re off to the Mie Prefecture on Japan’s main island of Honshu for the 33rd running of the Japanese F1 Grand Prix. Home to all but 4 of those races has been the Honda home circuit: The Suzuka International Racing Course.

After the unexpectedly mediocre performance of Ferrari in Russia last weekend, and a little bit of trading places with his teammate, Lewis Hamilton now has a 50 point lead over Sebastian Vettel in the World Drivers’ Championship. In the World Constructors’ Championship, Mercedes have 53 points over Ferrari. And with Merc having won the last 4 consecutive Japanese GPs (3 by Hamilton) and Lewis having won the last 3 races this season, the Brit in the Silver Arrows car is the firm form favorite to take to the top step on the podium again on Sunday.

Racing in Japan happens in the afternoon, which means early morning action for Saffers - really early if you want to catch the practice sessions! Here’s the weekends’ schedule of times:

Suzuka is known as a challenging but exciting circuit for drivers. Here’s a reminder of the layout:

(There’s another of those long-standing Lap Records from the 2004-2005 era just waiting to be broken this weekend. If it stays dry during the race, expect it to tumble.)

And a little visual tour with a virtual lap driven by the amiable Estaban Ocon:

In the dry Pirelli’s yellow-banded Soft and red-banded Supersoft tyres will dominate, although teams do have a handful of white-walled Mediums as back-up:

Weather, and especially rain, has always been a factor at the Japanese GP. Senna and Prost dueled in the rain at Suzuka in 1988, Hill and Schumacher did the same in a torrential downpour in 1995. 2007 saw the race in Fiji start behind the Safety Car as rain bucketed down for the first 19 laps of the race.

And, sadly, heavy rain from Typhoon Phanfone played a part back at Suzuka in 2014. Initially starting from behind the SC, the race was stopped after 2 laps and restarted 20 minutes later. On the 43rd lap of the race Jules Bianchi lost control of his Marussia at Dunlop Curve and collided with a tractor crane that was tending to Adrian Sutil’s Sauber, which had spun off on the previous lap. Bianchi’s 9-month coma and subsequent death were a direct result of the severe head injuries he sustained in the crash.

That’s a pretty long-winded (and slightly morbid - sorry) way for me to tell you that there might well be rain around the Suzuka circuit again this weekend…
Rain can make racing very exciting, but it can also make things very dangerous. Let’s hope that if it does rain on Sunday we get lots of the first, and none of the second.

To round things off, here’s some stats and info points to consider as you dunk another rusk into your Sunday morning coffee and laugh quietly as Martin Brundle gets ignored by Kimi on the Grid Walk:

  • Mercedes have won the Japanese Grand Prix every year since the beginning of the hybrid era in 2014, and will be looking to match Ferrari’s record of the highest number of consecutive wins in Suzuka. The Prancing Horse achieved five between 2000 and 2004.
  • A win for the Silver Arrows or Red Bull this weekend would make them the third most successful team in Japan after Ferrari and McLaren, who have the most wins - nine.
  • Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are tied on four wins each in Japan. A win for either would see them go to second on the all-time list for total wins in Japan behind Michael Schumacher (7).
  • Should Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas finish in the top three this weekend, it will be the 175th time a Mercedes driver has finished on the Formula 1 podium.
  • A win from pole this weekend would see Ferrari take their 100th win from pole position.
  • If Kimi Raikkonen wins this weekend he will surpass Mika Hakkinen as the most successful Finnish driver in terms of wins (20).
  • A top-three finish for Daniel Ricciardo would mean his 30th visit to the Formula 1 podium.
  • If Max Verstappen wins without earning a pole position this weekend, he will break the record for the highest number of wins for a driver who has never had a pole position. He is currently tied with Eddie Irvine and Bruce McLaren (4).
  • Lance Stroll needs four more points to earn his 50th world championship point.
  • If Sauber score six points or more this weekend it’ll take their points total in F1 to 850, including the BMW era.

Enjoy the race and thank you!
:jp: レースを楽しみ、ありがとう! :jp:
[Resu o tanoshimi, arigato!]


Merc (Hamilton in particular) are destroying the rest of the field at the moment. Ferrari look about 8 tenths off the pace, unless they’re holding back. At this point though, sandbagging seems a somewhat futile exercise.


Doubt Ferrari is sandbagging, this happened last year as well, they start off well and by the end of the season Merc just pulls away from them again.


Yip. Both Championships are pretty much in the bag for them. The FP2 results headline on says it all:

Ferrari were almost a second off of his times in both sessions this morning:


Was thinking exactly this yesterday as well. I think the mid-season break screws with the rhythm and flow they build up in the first half of the season. Too much pasta and vino in the European Summer sun, and they all come back to work fat and stupid. :slight_smile:


Love this:

(This was yesterday, so technically his reign is now on Day 4001!)


And huge props to the Japanese F1 fans and the FOM broadcast person responsible for their TV captioning:


That is brilliant! XD


Awesome! They have a sense of humour after all.

Now waiting for the caption: Valterri Bottas: Wingman.


I just worked out that it’s been 7278 days since McLaren last won the Contructors title (1 Nov 1998 with Hakkinen and Coulthard).

Depressing if you’re a Macca fan…


especially considering their racing pedigree, but they took a serious turn for the worse when Hamilton left and it got worse when they dropped Mercedes (although I was quite excited to see McLaren-Honda again)


My prediction, last lap 1. HAM 2. BOT 3. VET

HAM tries to hand P1 to BOT, BOT refuses, HAM insists as he is “blessed”, BOT refuses and fight ensues, TOTO sings “I’ll supply the love”.
VET gets past both mercs for P1.


did they not win a championship when Hamilton was there?


I just have no words

Think Dan summed it up perfectly