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Drivers title, 2008. No constructors title since 1998




The words I used… Vettel needs to go to a retreat where they teach patience. We all knew that was gonna happen against max.

Dan did good tho.

Also very happy ferrari/kimi didn’t give vettel that place at the end. He made a mess, he needs to deal with it.

:broken_heart: For Le Clerc…


Vettel is in the worst mental state he’s ever been in in his career. @Wyvern’s retreat suggestion is spot on. Since the faux pas in the wet in Germany he has systematically thrown this championship away.

That word from the FP2 report is still valid: Lewis dominated the entire weekend and deserves the WDC based on his form in the last 5 races alone.


I’m sad I missed the race, as I see if was another cracking fight in the mid field.

But Vettel, oh Vettel, how the mighty have fallen…


Did you see the F bomb that Dan dropped after qualies. My heart just broke for him.


I did. That was heart-breaking to see. Every race I feel much better for him for leaving Red Bull and joining Renault. At least their car is reliable, slow, but reliable.


he’s getting the crap car for sure, Christain made a comment on how Dan would most probably be having a quiet word with Cyril about reliability.
I’m not sure about that. RBR makes an amazing car, they really do, but THEY seem to have a problem adding the power unit to it.


Thought this was an interesting insert on Sky F1 over the weekend. Ted talking about onboard cameras. Strong confirmation that we’ll have driver facing cameras next year, and that helmet view cameras are being worked on as well. Link:


link to vidoe plz mine is not working :frowning:


Totally expected from a Rhino supporter… cant even get video’s to work :smiley:




Twak! More like a silly little kitten who can’t internet properly!


Mercedes boss living in fear of freak Hamilton injury

Whilst some live in fear, some live in hope, lol


Think it’ll be a success?


Personally I think it’s pointless but a nice gesture without actually addressing the actual underlying issue


I have to agree, even though do think females can do the sport, it will be a very long time before they are physically strong enough - its the same reason there are still so few female fighter pilots - I dont care how amazing you think you are, only so many of us, male or female can endure those gforces, and have the reflexes and eye sight for it.


imagine the turn 1 carnage - that was a joke, I am not sexist (just in case)

I think it is awesome, i just hope they can get to the stage where it boosts women to be able to get their super license for F1


Russell to Williams to replace Stroll in 2019.


For the third time in history, the world championship will be contested over a record 21 Grands Prix, equalling the total held in 2016 and 2018. Eleven of the 21 will take place in Europe, five in Asia, four in the Americas and one in Australia.

The 2019 season will begin on March 17th in Australia and finish on December 1 in Abu Dhabi. In between those – in China on April 14th – Formula 1 will celebrate the 1000th Grand Prix since its inception in 1950.

Date Grand Prix Venue
17th March Australia Melbourne
31st March Bahrain Sakhir
14th April China Shanghai
28th April Azerbaijan Baku
12th May Spain Barcelona
26th May Monaco Monaco
9th June Canada Montreal
23rd June France Le Castellet
30th June Austria Spielberg
14th July Great Britain Silverstone
28th July Germany Hockenheim
4th August Hungary Budapest
1st September Belgium Spa
8th September Italy Monza
22nd September Singapore Singapore
29th September Russia Sochi
13th October Japan Suzuka
27th October Mexico Mexico City
3rd November USA Austin*
17th November Brazil Sao Paulo
1st December Abu Dhabi Yas Marina
  • Subject to ASN approval

New rules for ’19 and beyond

The WMSC also approved a number of changes to the 2019 F1 Sporting Regulations including:

  • Changes to the Safety Car regulations to ensure there is a consistent point at which drivers may overtake when the Safety Car returns to the pits. This will now be the same in all three types of restart.
  • The teams will now be responsible for initial scrutineering of their cars. Before the cars go on track for the first time, teams must declare conformity with all safety related matters.
  • The official end-of-race signal will now be a chequered light panel, although the chequered flag will still be shown.

For 2020, the team personnel curfew – the amount of time for which all team personnel must be away from the track overnight – will increase from eight to nine hours.

And Formula 1 Strategy Group and Commission proposals concerning the 2019 Technical Regulations were agreed, including:

  • Changes to the mirror regulations and also associated rear wing changes (height) for rear view visibility and safety.
  • The on-board camera regulations will be modified to improve the TV spectacle.
  • Rear endplate lights are to be added for safety.
  • Minor modifications to the halo fairing are to be made for safety reasons during a potential driver extraction