The Happy Birthday Thread



Happy birthday Murph!


Thanks guys! Had an epic steak and about 3 litres of beer at Wagon Trail brewery.

@Wyvern we must hook up there for the next beer day.


Happy Birthday Murph!


Happy birthday @Murph!


@Murph let there be much melodic metal praises on your joyous day!


Happy birthday @Hagan and @Lum0SITY


Happy happy @Hagan!

@Lum0SITY happy happy! (I dont know you well yet so sorry for the generic chocolate cake!)


Happy Birthday @Hagan

Happy Birthday @Lum0SITY


Hppiest Birtday @Hagan and @Lum0SITY!!!


Appreciate the love, fam!

Y’all have a good day too! :slightly_smiling_face::hugs::facepunch::+1:


Happy birthday @Hagan and @Lum0SITY!!

Hope you both have a good one!


Happy Birthday to both @Hagan and @Lum0SITY! Hope it was (Only logged on now :slight_smile: ) a good day so far.


Happy birthday @Hagan and @Lum0SITY!

I hope you had an awesome day!


Thank you so much for the wishes!!:yum:


Hi there!! Thank you for the wishes :kissing_heart:


Thank you to everyone that wished me for my birthday :kissing_heart::sunglasses: @Wyvern ( the cake you picked is really pretty thank you)

Also happy birthday for yesterday @hagan

Much love guys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Once I get to know people better you get personalised cakes - according to your fav game or comic book hero


That is pretty cool actually, thank you for all the effort!


Its part of being in the family! :smiley:


Happy Birthday @crzwaco! Have a good one bud!