The Official TV Series Thread



SA or US Netflix? I didn’t see it on the SA one when I looked earlier


Nou vra jy my vas ek het aangeneem south african, want my jongste broer het nie 'n clue om usa te kry


Ja I really love that show. Saw they released a movie last year too


The movie was pretty good. Felt just like a long version of an normal episode.


sweet. almost done with season 8 then I’m watching that


This is what I am waiting for!


Watched season 1, now into season 2 on Netflix. I find this series very well made and it raises a lot of strong issues and is not cratered by all the crass, overstated sexuality that seems to pervade most american sad/comedy series.

I insisted my 16 year old daughter watch it, I think it teaches a lot. She has consumed both seasons in a week.

Highly recommend it.

Plus it has Michael Rappaport and Amy Okuda in it. I enjoy their acting.


How do you watch US netflix? I cant seem to get Netflix to accept my VPN.


I don’t, or haven’t yet. Haven’t had time again to look at doing the VPN thing for US Netflix. I’ll have a look maybe this weekend, but if I can’t come right I’ll maybe sign up for the 30 day free Amazon trial and just watch it there.


Im so glad I am not the only one who loves the show. It is very well done.


At least the Magnum PI is better than McGuyver! I cant watch it so yea it failed.

I am enjoying You - its slower, and I am hoping it will be creepier. As it is, I knew a guy like that, they become obsessed and its a slow process before they act on it.

Chicago Med - holy crap the acting got bad
Chicago PD - Im also still struggling with this one

New Amsterdam - dunno what to make of the show just yet.
The Good Docter - I wasnt a huge fan of it last season and still its more a filler than a must watch
The Resident - Im hoping it gets better
FBI - Im gonna give this a chance still iffy
Manifest - As long as they dont mess it up and make it to complicated this could work
Lethal Weapon - I tried, stiffler just cannot carry the show
This is Us - OMG my drama is back - still one of the best shows out currently.


The UK series Bodyguard: very very interesting indeed.


I struggled with it, but in general I tend to struggle with British dramas


watched the magnum Pi pilot, it was okish, a bit too cartoony imo

i think FBI has tons of potential, much more than quantico had and the new season of the gifted is off to a good start.


A discovery of witches. Now this is a very interesting British series. Sounds like a documentary, it is not.


Its so well done right!?! Loving the cast and the story!


So Damon Wayans has announced he is leaving lethal weapon :roll_eyes: Why did he make such an issue at the end of last season with Clayne Crawford then, this effectively spells the end of the show imo.


Bwahahahahahahaha I have a feeling it is because he realised he isnt the lead and that the show suffered


and netflix has officially cancelled iron fist so im assuming there wont be another series of marvels defenders also unless they swap out iron fist with punisher


Luke Cage, Jessica and Daredevil are having another season each though, also Punisher. I actually found Iron Fist a limp series.