The Official TV Series Thread



Not many people liked Luke Cage at all, me most of all


Thats racist wyvern :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Runs ///:wink:


I enjoyed Luke Cage, it (to some degree) explores what happens if a superhero does not have a secret identity and the impact on the society around it. The last season ended on a classic anti-hero development. Interested to see where it goes.


hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Dochie :stuck_out_tongue: Trust me Iron fist is the most hated by me :stuck_out_tongue: And then Luke Cage and then punisher

In all honesty Im not a HUGE comic book movie/tv show fan.

I did enjoy this - its very dark tho.


I think punisher is amazing to be honest, out of all the netflix superhero shows i prefer the ones u hate and i actually like jessica jones the least, she always makes the most questionable decisions


I find the gore factor in punisher to just much, I had to turn away in the titans as well - Im not comfortable with how gruesome tv has become.


I used to be a huge fan of the Iron Fist comics as a kid. I actually hated the modern interpretation of the hero. the netflix one shows a child in a man’s body with an ego the size of the dragon he keeps telling everyone he beat up.

The classic comics had silly costumes but he was a kid with an old man’s soul, not this modern brat crap.


The new Titans looks interesting so far, I particularly like




The only thing I have against the show is the magical disguise. It seems to be an agreed thing in the comic world, much like 555 in front every telephone number in US shows.

How can a little mask possibly hide your identity!


I finished watching 12 Monkeys Season 3. It’s so sad when a good show ends!

I’m about halfway through Fargo Season 3 now. Another show that’s really good.


i discovered the Outlander show and its Amazing, cannot get enough of it. its a pity only 2 seasons are available on Netflix locally…now i have to go and download the other seasons…


wasnt that impressed with Dc’s Titans, Arrow looks like its off to a good start, still enjoying FBI immensely and I see that Nathan fillion has a new show called rookie


Rookie had a good start

FBI is also brilliant

Titans very gory will see how it goes

Light as a Feather - a mix between gossip girl, pretty little liars and the craft


im liking rookie, lets hope it can keep its momentum !


Anyone waiting for Narcos season 4 ? :slight_smile: Maybe do you know guys when it’s gonna show up?


Anyone still watching anything?

Busy with the good place its so good never though I would watch something like this.


Watching the occasional it’s always sunny in Philadelphia episode.


Watching a lot of supernatural series at the moment: Legacies, Charmed. Enjoying the female empowerment and also enjoying the fact that my 16 year old loves them too, we have some nice feminist based discussions around the episodes.

I watched the new Sabrina. Was not a fan of the overly religious aspect, also enjoyed the female empowerment and subtle comments at male dominance. Will not let my daughter watch this though. The catholic half of the family will not be happy with that at all. I find it interesting that a satanist lobby is suing Netflix over it.

The new Doctor Who is the best yet. Jodi Whitaker is very very good in it and yes, I enjoy the female Who :wink: The 3 “companions” instead of just one gives the show a lot more opportunity for depth.


I’ve been wanting to get into the new season. Might give it a go after hearing mostly positive things about it


i must say i did enjoy Sabrina, however because i loved the 90’s Sabrina this version was just a bit too dark for me. It was done very well and im curious to see how Riverdale will fit into this as well.

Im not sure if i want to watch the new interation of Charmed as i really loved that when i was growing up and the trailer i saw of the series was not good for me at all.


I am watching something of everything,
Seal Team, The Resident, The Gifted, The Good Doctor, This is Us, A Million little Things, Midnight Texas, Titans, New Amsterdam, Madam Secretary, SWAT, Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, Speechless, A Discovery of Witches. oh and You
Struggled with Sabrina - still have half a season to go, Charmed - I loved the original, really cannot stand the new one, Legacies - same as originals and vamp diaries. Gave up on all the Chicago’s.