The Official TV Series Thread



Im enjoying the good doctor


Watched some more good behaviour last night and wow, that show is really really good ! definately one of my new favourite shows


I couldnt get into Good Behaviour

My must watch show is This is Us - such a brilliant drama


Haven’t really had much time to sink into new shows. I did, however, catch the Rick and Morty bug. Been watching an episode every couple of days for the past few months. Around S2E4 right now.



i watched the first 2 episodes of jean claude van johnson and i must say it is super funny (who would have thought he can act in comedy)

Agents of Shield - i really don’t know what to think of it this season, it just feels like their budget received a major reduction for this season and it shows.

Marvels Runaways - really enjoying myself with it, especially since its a bunch of lesser known/established marvel characters


Latest Episode of X Files was amazing, it was in the vein of classic X files that i love.


I have started watching Fugget about it on youtube. Fun show about an Italian mafia guy who gets sent to Vagina (Regina) saskatchewan under witness protection.

Warning, the song is catchy


Started watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic detective agency.

I have no idea where this show is going so if you want a mind fuck series check it out.


I should be offended, but this is hilarious. And I’m only 4 minutes in.

“You cut that woman off, and she’s sorry. Whaddya gotta do to get a finger around here?”


I binged the whole Altered Carbon this weekend. It was great, they really kept quite well to the book. Some of the characters were a bit more involved/had more screen time than in the book, but that was mostly fine.

I’m glad they didn’t make it PG or something; it has nudity and all that, however the books are quite…discriptive when it comes to sex. So it is, understandably, toned down in the series.

I you’ve read the book(s), definitely give this a watch. If you haven’t and you love sci-fi with a great story, watch it as well. Season 1 is 10 episodes long.

Solid 8.5/10 for me.


For someone who didnt know the books - never read them, Altered Carbon was interesting. Some plots a bit obvious once they started.But loved how it was done.

8/10 for me (I had a @Nimatek telling me what was different from the books tho and that they used parts of book 2 in the first season and all sorts.)



I finished startrek discovery yesterday. I quite enjoyed it. It brought back quite a lot of nostalgia from captain Picard’s starship enterprise


it cant be finished there is still one episode left afaik


show cancelled after season 2.


Yes there is one left, but I still enjoyed it.


Sigh damit.
Watches some iron fist I kept falling asleep. So on to other things.


I finished Black Mirror season 4 this weekend finally. I just love Black Mirror and the world it creates. This last season was better than the previous one.


Why I love the show