The Official TV Series Thread



wow scary… was JUST talking to a colleague about Star Trek Discovery a minute agao


I was amped for this, then I watched a behind the scenes thing, then I noped the fuck out…


I havent tired it in years to be honest, see mine is the voice, hells kitchen , ANTM - americas next top model


But those shows are “normal” and “expected” to watch.
Imagine me speaking about the latest Bachelors ep at the gym or at the track!


There’s nothing wrong with The Bachelor. While in Aus I tuned in every week to watch their latest season. Was riveting. Personally, my guilty pleasure series is Geordie Shore.


Neeman sies! Those are just skanky rude people


I have the same guilty pleasure! I cant help it



Finished watching Star TreK: Discovery - I really enjoyed it!


So I don’t know if anyone is still watching or even cares about Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore, but I finally started catching up after stopping near the end of season 3.

And can I just say HOLY SHIT season 4 took me to places. It was a really epic season, and by far the best one so far. It’s like the series stopped trying to tag along with the MCU movies and just did its own thing - and what a good move that was.

I was a bit taken a-back by the more, let’s say “fantasy” elements (after the series tried very hard to root most of the weirdness in MCU logic and technology - ie, “IT’S ALIENS”) but it really came together in the end.

I’ve started on season 5 now, and it’s just gone even weirder. I love it. Definitely one of my favourite MCU properties!


I am still actively watching and the show really has evolved, mostly for the better. I love how they started taking themselves less serious in Season 5 and even started making fun of themselves


i started Santa Clarita diet, Season 2 and im finding it even funnier than S1. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant make a great comedic duo for me.


We are saving it for the long weekend


Same thing here. Been waiting for it, loved S1, partially because I’ve had a thing for Drew Barrymore for years… :star_struck:

Recently finished “The End of the F***ing World” on Netflix. Enjoyed it a lot. Pretty intense British comedy-drama based on a graphic novel, so may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I rated it a good 8/10.


I tried it, but i think I need to be in the right frame of mind for it. - end of the f**** world

As for MAOS - Im over it, I dunno why but I am struggling with it a lot.


I finished watching the OA yesterday. It was alright. Looking forward to season 2 because the first season really leaves you with a lot of questions.


This weekend I binged watched Requiem. I liked it a lot!

I’ve started Tabula Rasa now.


We started a show called Harrow - its not brilliant but I enjoy it. But if you dont like Ausies don’t watch it since it is based in Aus.

Then we gave Siren a go - I am giving it a chance


I finished Tabula Rasa last night and it was very good. It has subtitles though so it’s not for everyone.

Next series will be Altered Carbon. Oh and also watching Love season 3.


ok who is watching Krypton and what do you think of it?

I am struggling with the pace