The Official TV Series Thread



i have only watched ep1, but i liked it. have downloaded up to ep3 and im hoping i will get some time this weekend to watch them.


Laat my weet, want ek sukkel baie. Maar dan ek ken nie die stories nie


For those who may have missed it… the creators of Westworld trolled /r/Westworld hard by promising to spoil the whole season if one of their comments got 1,000 upvotes.

They made an argument that Game of Thrones fans who read the books helped protect the show’s spoilers, and that the way fan theories on Westworld are reported sometimes leads to spoilers, so they’ll let the community decide whether they should allow for something similar to happen in their community.

They got their 1,000 votes and released this. You can safely watch it.


I laughed my ass off last night at the 2 newest Silicone Valley episodes !


Missed the Season 2 announcement all together!


Ekt Krypton tot by episode 5 nou gekyk en ek like dit nog steeds (BTW ek ken ook nie rerig die superman family back story nie behalwe van glipses in die tv shows wat ek nou al gekyk het).


Speaking of which, can’t wait for tomorrow.


A something different - Killing eve - Such a brilliant show with Sandra Oh playing an agent who stumbles on this crazy hitwoman Jodie Corner - holy crap she is talented.


i started watching The Rain last night, and i have to say for a foreign language series its quite good


Also what is up with Westworld - I am seriously struggling to stay awake during the weekly episode I am totally lost and confused.

Handmaid’s Tale - omg it is still epic

The 100 - I hope they find a conclusion for the show soon - I love it but I don’t know what they are planning next


Felt 100% like that with the first episode. Have not watched the rest yet


Finally decided it is time to watch Stargate SG1. I remember when it started airing in the 90s, I watched the first episode or two, and felt like it was an insult to the original movie.

Boy was I wrong. I’m almost done season 2, and thoroughly enjoying it.


I remember my dad watching Stargate religiously on back then SABC 3 if I am not mistaken


I finished watching Altered Carbon. Will now start watching Westworld season 2 and going to watch all the seasons of Californication.


I also started watching Archer this week


Busy with Westworld atm but recently finished Happy! on Netflix. That show was uhm… interesting to say the least.


Archer is amazing. Apparently the new season is suppose to come to Netflix any day now.


Jup jup, that is actually why I started to watch it. To catch up and watch the new season. Lots of catching up to do!


Season 3 will still happen, but there won’t be a season 4.


Also I completely missed it, but Season 3 of the The Expanse has already started :smiley: YAY!!!