The Official TV Series Thread



Agreed, I am fast forwarding through a lot of it, most notably the fights, there seems to be little point to watching those.



i watched the first episode its quite good


Same, I enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the first 2 eps of Marvels Cloak and Dagger


I am watching Arrested Development again. Damn I love it!
And then rinse it down with some Battle Bots lately, and then for something lame and corny in between those, The Good Place


I liked the good place, but weirdly season 2 wasnt for me.


I am actually enjoying season 2 very much


Its odd, I am fussy tho

And I am looking for shows like Eureka !~


Did not know about it, but it looks quite cool!


Eureka is brilliant, better than Warehouse 13, I love that kind of humor.




Oh dear . . . . We have to worry about you then…


Started watching Travelers. Seems interesting. Only 4 eps in. Will see if it holds out.


12 Monkeys is back !!! :grinning: woooooooooooooooooooooot


I completely missed this, but Masterchef Australia Season 10 started about a month ago, for those who are interested.


I still havent finished the last season of 12 monkeys - I was struggling with it and the irony is I loved the first two seasons

As for masterchef aus - I am loving it. Its the only one I still watch - it does seem way to scripted tho this season


Will start watching when finished with MasterChef Cz


What I love is the fact that they do at least 60 episodes every season - aka one a day! Love the attention to detail and they are good. Plus they have the only presenters that doesnt irritate me again.



Started watching Salvation yesterday. I’t pretty good for a “the planet is going to get fucked by a meteor” type show


Lemme know how it is? i fell asleep during the first 2 episodes