The Official TV Series Thread



with all of these shows salvation, containment etc, they seem to run out of steam and the writers dont know what to do and then just becomes a mess halfway through the season, the same happened with quantico its a miracle that lasted 3 seasons


Quantico is a waste of space - the bubble head they got to play the lead was just meh


well we binged through the first 5 and I’m really enjoying it


New show that is starting:


I can’t find the one I could swear crusader made but that is probably over on mygaming.


Since I started an amazon prime trial for the free games on twitch, I decided to check out the service.

I ended up binge watching The Tick. I thought they did a great job, much better than the previous live action imo. What a great show. I really hope they do a second season.


On January 17, 2018, Amazon ordered a second season of 10 episodes, expected to premiere in 2019.


I will rank the series Finale of 12 monkeys right up there alongside those of breaking bad, Halt & catch Fire and Person of interest.

it really is one of the best most underrated shows, the very last shot reminded me of inception.


I still need to rewatch season 3 before I can look at 4, I couldnt finish 3 and I loved the first two seasons


Started watching now. So far so good.


Mmm… Watched a few eps when it just started, but stopped. Can’t even remember what it was about tbh.
So you reckon it is worth it to give it another shot?


I just finished watching Westworld season 2. Was interesting but the first season was better. The ending is quite something though. I wonder if there will be a season 3. I hope so.

Next up is the final season of 12 Monkeys!



Agreed, season 2 was a bit chaotic. But I think there will def be a season 3 the way season 2 ended


I still dont know how you lot finished it I got to episode 4 and lost the plot



And Wynnona is back!!!

And the best part is season 3 just started and it has already been confirmed for season 4!


Also Killjoys is back for season 4


Cannot wait for this to start either


I watched this trailer - not my kind of thing, but it is scary what Americans will say yes too