The Official TV Series Thread



That Who is America looks fascinating. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius when it comes to stuff like that.


Both hilarious and deeply distressing at the same time. To think that some people actually believe the answer to gun violence is putting guns in the hands of children.

That last bit was insanely funny though… (9:28)


Oh my gosh. I lost it when he was strutting down the street


Started watching Preacher last night.



Haha I read the comics ages ago. Would love to see the show.


Too much gore thank you very much, I will avoid it.


It is quite graphic, but in an almost humorous manner though.
Not like American Gods


Y’all people need to support the local scene more. If more people watch local series, more money can be spent on making better and more series.

I finished Waterfront of the weekend, and it was most probably the best Afrikaans series I’ve watched. Ended on such a damn cliff hanger and now I want more.

Also watched the first two episodes of Fynskrif. It’s really good and I enjoyed them. Can definitely recommend those two series.


I luffs you but I can’t, I can’t watch Afrikaans just like I cannot watch most Aussie shows.


My wife watches local series on Showmax so there is that.


I struggle to watch serious local shows. But comedy is amazing. Hotel, Phil 101, Elke skewe pot all those kind of shows are really great.

The current drama and suspense is not like it used to be. Like Die Vierde Kabinet


I see Ballers is Back :grin:


Weirdly I just never loved it. I managed to get thru season 1, but couldnt bother with the rest

The 100 ended very well, Wynona and Killjoys is just getting better and better


The ending of the 100 was brilliant, I like ballers its like a football version of entourage, i must reallly catch up on kiljoys i only watched the 1st 2 episodes from this season


I really love series with strong female leads but Wynona Earp just got me frustrated with the inconsistent writing I stopped watching.


Ja i also could not get into that series… havent even finished the season yet


True Detective Season 3… WHOOO!!


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurk its good, i think its amazon’s best series thus far


Dude We binged watched this sat evening and sun morning - that was so well done, I hope they do another season. And focus on another of the books.


amazon has already announced that they’ve picked it up for another season :sunglasses: