The Official Xbox One Thread



So lucky that I got a Scorpio Edition. There was only 4 available at the BT Games I preordered and my name was on the list. The controller is super cool.


You lucky bliksem! I’m happy for you.


love the packaging of the scorpio edition


it works but the xbox live service is not working properly apparently :expressionless:


That’s weird. I was connected to XBox Live a little earlier today. I hope everything’s alright.


And now that we’ve got the new consoles, the Christmas sale is in full swing. Some great specials on Xbox games to stock up for XBX play.


i think the internet in certain parts of cpt is just shit atm, installed limbo, and some rare replay titles, recore is 30% done and then its the 40gig and up titles that i’ll need to install, not looking forward to waiting for that


the amount of times particular tracks appeared in the forza franchise

I seriously hope that amalfi coast and fujimi kaido makes a return one day


Interesting to note that they don’t seem to be doing fictional tracks anymore… Unless that’s changed with FM7.


They still do but alot less forza 5 had prague, 6 had rio and 7 has dubai, bernese alps is also a carryover track from forza 4, and maple valley from the old titles also returned in forza 7. I know dan greenawalt tweeted a while back that a remastered fujimi kaido would take quite a while to make, which is weird because bernese alps is a carryover track from the 360 era and its pretty unnoticable, same would probably apply to fujimi, im guessing they are also working on stats and all the data that they mine through is probably indicating that more ppl are playing real world tracks and not much of the fictional ones, so they rather concentrate on the demand. They always show the fictional tracks at the e3 and gamescom demo’s since it contains alot of eye candy and eye candy sells games


forza horizon 4k update is dropping on the 15th of January

and good news

The Xbox One, S, and Xbox One X are unaffected by the Spectre and Meltdown chip issues

Recently, chip vendors were rocked by security revelations about their processors, by which malicious actors could gain information directly from data currently being processed.

It appears that Intel, ARM, and AMD chips were all impacted, and since the Xbox One family is powered by AMD’s Jaguar, you might have been wondering if your console was vulnerable. Thankfully, it appears that isn’t the case.

Speaking on Twitter, Xbox Platform lead Mike Ybarra noted that the Xbox One’s security structure already prevents attacks from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

While its encouraging to see that Xbox is unaffected, the widespread ramifications for other types of devices, from PCs, to phones, and web servers, have yet to be fully measured. Microsoft issued its own emergency patch to Windows 10 just yesterday, but it could be a while before the issues are fully ironed out across the world. And there’s that whole issue of Intel’s CEO selling off a load of stock just before the revelations, oh dear. It’s all quite the drama.



MS gave me 5 Pounds (cause my xbox account region is still set to UK) store credit for reaching december’s gamepass quest goals, funny thing is i only subscribed to gamepass earlier this month :grinning:


So, anyone knows how big the Forza Horizon 2 enhanced patch it? I don’t know if mine installed or not.


Hmmm a quick google says just under 700MB which is disappointing. Is it not getting 4k textures but only 4k display support?


No it absolutely has 4K textures. The game isn’t upscaled or checkerboarded to 4K, it’s running natively at 4K resolution @ 30 FPS. Also adds 4xMSAA to the game on console and rendered the game at as close as possible to max settings of PC.

Okay so seems the patch doesn’t need to download additional textures, as they are already at the max setting. The only changes the patch is bringing is the additional setting and rendering changes…very interesting indeed


Zombi and army of two are the two current free games with gold titles, some countries get alternate titles though, so for anyone interested in Golf (Powerstar golf - Full game unlock) is free in south korea (all you need is a Gold xbox live subscription to Download it)

Base Game (Download this First) Link

Full unlock Link


So, last night I tried the X Enhanced Edition of Forza Horizon 3. Holy shitballs!! It runs like a dream, and is very close to the prettiest game possibly available on any console. It’s a wonder what a relatively small 700Mb patch can do.


i think i’ll need to invest in an external, the 1tb hard drive is technically full and i dont want to use the external one that my 360 utilises (i dont like plugging things in and out everytime)


Great news regarding Game Pass! It will include brand new first party titles!

This plan to bring new games timed with their global release into Xbox Game Pass not only includes announced titles like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3 but future unannounced games from Microsoft Studios including new iterations of our biggest Xbox One exclusive franchises such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War, on the same day they launch.


Well now…we have a very different value proposition here. This is incredibly good news for us and will go a long way in making Xbox Game Pass a service that may become the Netflix of gaming. While I had Game Pass during December and a bit of January, I never used it at all. With this news, I am now seriously considering it.