The Official Xbox One Thread



The lineup of free games available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in February 2018 have been revealed.

The following titles will be free for subscribers next month:

Shadow Warrior — February 1-28 (Xbox One)
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India — February 16 to March 15 (Xbox One)
Split/Second — February 1-15 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
Crazy Taxi — February 16-28 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)


A very mediocre month, but add that with Game Pass, then its a different story.


finished gears 4 :grin: ! getting gamepass for R5 last month was definately worth it


Just beware that if you don’t cancel it then you’ll be charged the full amount the next month.


i always disable auto renew immediately, its a habit whenever i buy gold vouchers also


Okay awesome. Hehe we are going to get some nice first party exclusives in the future for cheap using this method. It’s great! :smiley:


i still have the gamepass voucher that came with the xbonex which i’ll use in march to check out sea of thieves


I also still have it. :grinning:


So, some Xbox One X enhanced gaming news: Overwatch has been patched to run on the X at 4K and Rocket League will get an update later this year,


Also, here is a promotional video for a new Xbox Play Anywhere title

For those that don’t know, these guys are South African.


so i used the £5 xbox store credit microsoft gave me (for meeting decembers gamepass goals, which i clearly didnt) to buy rory mcllroy pga tour for £3.75 hopefully its not really as bad as some people made it out to be.


Gamepass goals? What’s that?


In the uk and US there are live gold and gamepass goals that you have to reach every month, eg play 10 hours online, get 20 achievements or play a certain game thats in gamepass and get achievements for that title etc.

if you reach the monthly goals you receive a prize, be it a free game (normally a shitty one) a free month of live gold or store credit normally.

My 360 has always been set to Uk Region because i signed up for live in 2007 before we had xbox live locally available back then so i just kept it like that all the years since there’s way more games available on the uk store than the SA store (only crux is i have to use a vpn on the 360)

so even though my xbox one is set to SA and i dont use a vpn on there, MS still registers all my achievements and stuff i get on it as if i am in the Uk (cause my 360 is still set to that region and address) and thus i received the gamepass goals reward for last month.



Thanks, will go have a look. It’s a shame that we don’t have it!


It looks like it’s available for South Africans too! Not sure. It does come up on the ZA website.


i’ll look into it, as i dont know anyone that received any free stuff yet


its a pity Forza horizon 2 isnt getting a 4k upgrade cause horizon 3 is simply stunning, i definately think the horizon titles pushes the xbox harder than the vanilla Forza motorsport titles even with their 30 fps cap compared to the 60 in motorsport


my halo 5 download has started 98 gigs on a 4 meg line :cry::sob:


I can however tell you it’s worth it. As with all games that’s getting the 4K X treatment, it just looks and plays brilliantly now.