The Official Xbox One Thread



Prison Architect is a fair bit of fun for a chilled Sunday evening session, but agree otherwise. Meh. It’s like they spoil us one month out of every four.


So while GWG isn’t anything to write home about, Game Pass is getting a great list of games.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Quantum Break
Aven Colony
Shadow Warrior 1
Sky-Force Reloaded
Snake Pass
Manuel Samuel
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Very excited to dive back into Halo in 4K, playing some Quantum Break and Snake Pass.


Any idea (without doing hours of research please!) if any of those are Play Anywhere games?


Without doing any research, the only one might possibly be Quantum Break, but not sure at all. None of the rest are Play Anywhere unfortunately.


quantum break is not play anywhere afaik cause when i tried to buy it a few months ago the pc and xbox version had different pricing schemes,


Those of you with PUBG on Xbox One, today the game will be officially going out of Beta and getting it’s 1.0 update.I’m kinda interested to see how the game changed this year since launching on the console.


Seriously random noob question, that I think I know the answer to already, but am going to ask anyway.

I have 2 MS accounts and subsequently 2 Xbox gamer tags: my original personal GregRedd one that I’ve had since back in the XB360 days. And a more recent one - GrizzledGeek - that I created when I set up my Mixer channel.

All of my XBox/Win10 game purchases, XBox Gold and Game Pass subs have been made on my personal account linked to my GregRedd tag. I now want to start building up my GrizzledGeek tag from a fresh start (expect Friend requests soon!) Will I be able to access and play my GregRedd games on the console or PC under my new tag, without having to buy all the games again?


Theoretically, yes. Much like account sharing, you can setup multiple accounts on an Xbox, and access those accounts games on the same console. You’ll even be able to play with your preferred account name as well.

Its very similar to the account sharing I do with my BIL. We have each others login details and have both accounts logged into our consoles. With this, we get access to play each other’s games. The downside is that we can only have one account logged in at any time, which makes multiplayer a bit difficult sharing a game. But this is an issue you should not face on a single console.


Thanks DGH. Was particularly interested in seeing if Game Pass access was being shared on my PC. It is :grinning:


Games with gold for October has been announced


It feels like they’ve given those games before. Or maybe it was the Humble Monthly bundle I guess.


While the GWG line-up for next month might not be anything great, Game Pass is getting Wolfenstien The New Order and Metro 2033 Redux. So that’s great


Official Mouse and Keyboard support coming to the Xbox One, with Razer going into partnership with Xbox in creating console specific peripherals. This also opens up the door for more PC specific games to be ported to the Xbox One.



The other thing Phil Spencer announced yesterday was the return of the X0 event.

Microsoft’s X0 event, which started out as a trade show, will resume this year after a long hiatus.

Microsoft has announced that X018, this year’s version of this press/fan event, will be held in Mexico City, Mexico November 10-11. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced the event’s surprising return on yesterday’s packed Inside Xbox episode.

X018 will be at the heart of this year’s FanFest. Spencer confirmed that fans should expect first and third-party announcements at the show, but sadly didn’t drop any hits. It’s also there that we’ll be having our first look at the mouse and keyboard accessory co-developed by Razer, not to mention learn more about the first games to support mouse and keyboard on Xbox One.

The event will be livestreamed on Mixer November 10-11, with a special, two-hour episode of Inside Xbox kicking off at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST on Saturday, November 10.


XBox One S on Takealot Daily Deal at the moment. 13 left as I post this:!product?id=57106396


Overcooked!!! This game was on Game Pass, and got taken down. We enjoyed it so much as a family that I bought it. And a week or two later and it’s on GWG!


Regarding the games with Gold for October, according to GLennZA on Twitter South africa will note be receiving Stuntman Ignition. This has been replaced with Ms Splosion Man. SA will also not be receiving Hitman: Blood Money.

well unless u have a uk region 360 account and a vpn (like me :wink:)


Might be of interest to XBox One Star Wars fans: Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition on sale for R97 (with Live Gold) for another 6 days:

Gaming Deals

i will get battlefront 2 when its that price for its single player campaign, i doubt there’s still a large player base on BF1


grabbed stuntman ignition last night on the 360, to download it to your 360 you will need the vpn to be active but if you download it to your xbox one all you have to do is change your console region to uk and it will download, no active vpn needed.

you still need a vpn and a uk region 360 account just to redeem it though.