Ultrawide Monitors


I have an el-cheapo LG ultrawide monitor and really like it. The extra real estate is a godsend for work (2x split editors AND a console window in one glorious horisontal view) and the widened FOV in most games is refreshing.

After playing Destiny 2 at 2560x1080 resolution it felt incredibly cramped on PS4 on a “normal” TV. Seeing more of my city in Cities: Skylines also made it easier to keep track of power, water, sewege and employee requirements and the wider visibility of the battlefield in ARPGs like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile make it feel like I’m actually cheating…

One thing I’d do is get a curved monitor next, as it becomes a bit of a stretch having to move your gaze around a much wider than normal viewing area, even on my comparatively small 25” ultrawide. I can only imagine the problem being much worse on a larger screen, especially if you’re sitting normal desk distances away from the screen (like me).


Hmmm no I didn’t. I didn’t even know that it’s a VA monitor! Thanks @Kwaai, I’ll have a look.


@Blazzok Interestingly enough when I looked at that CF791 at Amazon on Sunday it had 3 stars and now it has 4. It makes it look a lot better.

Will do some research but now it’s between the CF791 and the MX34VQ. Didn’t have time to do proper research tonight but I wonder if they use the same panel.


I’ve done my fair share of reading up on Ultrawides and ended up picking this one . It’s been a pleasure to play on being 3440x1440 @ 100hz. My other interest was the Alienware-aw3418dw, but that isn’t available locally


Wait, so you’ve actually got one?


Yep I do.

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Well @Kwaai I think you sold me on it.

I’ve also been waiting for the Alienware. Evetech told me that they’ve been waiting a long time and they never got a release date for South Africa.

Soooo. Hmmmm I think I may go with the mx34vq. Will just do some reading tomorrow evening.

Thank you very much for your input!


No problem, many are worried about it being a Freesync display. I have it paired with a Nvidia GPU and haven’t had an issue with frame tearing - I thank the high refresh rate. The main issue would be its stand, which cannot be adjusted. They had a “Coming soon” page since last year December so I wouldn’t get my hopes up with it coming soon or ever.


Woohoo! I watched some videos, read some reviews and bam, it’s currently on special at Takealot.

Thanks @Kwaai, you made my day. I just pulled the trigger and will have it before the end of the week.


That’s awesome! I’m glad to hear it, excited to hear once you’ve opened it. I found that the out of the box colour needed some tweaking, let me know when you’re set up. I’ll send you the settings I use and it hopefully it helps.


Thats just what they tell you…


Does anybody have the LG 34UM68-P monitor? I have had it for about 18 months and fed it with my RX580 gfx card. Freesync worked well and I loved the smooth refresh rates.

Then I got a 1080ti and noticed games looked worse on the new card than the old one. Stutters like crazy! I did some frame-skipping tests and when setting the gfx card to 75Hz it drops every 5th frame! Freesync on/off, V-sync on/off, it makes no difference. I swapped DP cables, still a hassle.



On the web it seems I am not the only one, either, and you can only get 75Hz when using a Freesync enabled card. This is not how Freesync or higher refresh rates are supposed to work…

Now I wait for Black Friday to rather get a 27" 1440p 144Hz G-sync monitor…


I would imagine that Freesync doesn’t work so well with Nvidia cards


Yes, I know. But when I turn Freesync off I should still be able to get 75Hz without skipped frames… That’s how all higher refresh rates work with non-adaptive sync monitors…

Or even with Freesync monitors, with higher Hz, would they ever sell if they did not work with Nvidia cards? You don’t get the adaptive sync but you get the higher refresh rate.

I reviewed their monitor on the LG website and gave it 2 stars. It is a great looking monitor, and I love it for everything else, but the false advertising gets me.


Do you still have the RX 580? You could then test if it’s the monitor or the 1080ti - or do you have another monitor you could try? At least you’d be able to narrow it down.


Good advice. I have tried the RX580 and it works perfectly. It does seem like that the LG does not like higher refresh rates with non AMD cards.

Roll on Black Friday!