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that pretty interesting actualy


The potential implications of advancements in FOIP (Face over IP) technology:

Stay woke, bitches!


Some people just have way too much time on their hands… love that he makes his toddler a crucial component in this machine.



OzzyMan debunks the Flat Earthers claiming that Australia is fake and doesn’t exist:
(Definitely NSFW for language!! Use earphones if in public, fuck yeah!)

He’s also the only person who’s promo insert for his mobile game sponsor is worth listening to.


Do most flat earthers actually believe Australia is fake? I know an Australian who’s dad is a flat earther, and lives there…


No idea. But it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot do - pretty much everything they believe is utter BS. I can’t work out whether that FB page is serious, or just a very sharp piece of satire designed to piss Aussies off. Either way, I think it would be bloody funny to have your friends’ dad visit it and give us his thoughts on their opinion about the place his lives in:



Pewdiepie played this its pure torture


For any of you that played Rollcage back on the PS1…


Still waiting for it to come out of early access since metalsoup told us about it on mygaming.



Strong language warning, but very true



Bwhaha check this out.



Pretty awesome! But that ending kinda left me hanging


Yeah. I want to find the full episode


I enjoyed watching this immensely.