Video of the Day






Very cool. Imagine how many different cuts it took and how much editing to make it flow so well.


@57 seconds. I laughed my arse off!


That was wierd :frowning:


I didn’t realize the guy in blue was over the other guy’s stick.

Its ok though, we wiped the floor with them, 7 to 1 final score!



Haha. ‘Energy star rating of F-’ :laughing:


Maybe that’s why we’ve been having load shedding.





The making of, with some comparisons to the original:


I can appreciate it, but I’m not a fan of him.


From the last time I have seen a picture of him he cleaned up nicely! :slight_smile:


An oldie but a goodie. Who knew Finns could pull off hilly-billy rock so well?

Finnish band called Steve ‘n’ Seagulls plays AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

Check out their YT channel for more quality covers!



So glad my daughter has chosen to do her studies in health sciences with a focus on genetics and microbiology. So much happening in those fields, and becoming more and more important in future.


Viva La Dirt Leagues 4th PUBG Logic Supercut video. Be sure to keep an eye on the kill tracker notifications… :grinning: