Video of the Day

That’s incredible.

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Not sure if mind blown, exploded, imploded, expanded or collapsed.

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Have just watched and can confirm the correct answer is (F) All of the Above.

That was very cool :wink: I enjoyed it. Nice way for me as a math simpleton to get some grip on what is possible.


That song is a classic :wink:

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No idea how this is done but I need this for our races for sure!!!

O, just noticed Daniel Born is a local chap! KUDOS!

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It’s so random :rofl: aside from the pizza dough obsession, the reactions to events on the track is quite impressive.

And the voice is quite convincing most of the time.

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KUNOS! (ftfy)


Ok, the more I watch the more it is absolutely bonkers.

“The battle is on as Born fights to make it stick… (Born spins out) Uh well he made that stick like a piece of overcooked spaghetti to the wall” :rofl:

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