What did you have for dinner


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fok ja. Skenkel en bees stert is die beste way om te go.


i was lazy last night and just threw in some crumbed chicken stakelet things in the oven and then just honey glazed some carrots in a frying pan and then opened a can of sweetcorn… so all in all a nice yellow/orange tinged meal


Yeah best way to go as in die from cholestorol!


beef patty with chips


Hmmm we are having Rocomamas tonight. Haven’t had that in ages.


There’s one opening here soon. How is it? What is it?


They make American style smash burgers. I love them.


Just had rotis. Never had them before. Like curry wraps kind of thing. Were ok.


Lets see, I took 2 pork chops, marinated it overnight in some sweet soya sauce, normal soya sauce, olive oil and some sesame oil. Fried those in a pan, made some lekker mash, and spinach and cheese. Such a lovely meal.

Planning on making steak cordon bleu - aka tenderised steak, flattened, with ham and cheese filling, crumbed and fried in a pan. With some broccoli and pan-fried potatoes.

As well as a chicken stirfry - it’s already marinating in the same mix I used on the pork. Gonna try a new make my own recipe thing. Cook the chicken, then quickly stir some baby carrots, broccoli, sugar peas, sprouts and mushrooms till they are warm, add some ketchup, rice vinegar, honey and more soya sauce and sesame oil as well as garlic (yes I am leaving out onions and ginger - I hate both :P). Mix that into the stirfry and remove from heat. Whilst all that is happening I will have some rice noodles standing in boiling water to cook them (since they are so thin, you don’t boil them just soak till al dente in boiling water) Once the main part is done I just add the noodles and warm everything up quickly in the wok (its all cooked in the wok from the start to only use 2 items to cook with).


Made Prawns and Calamari.

Made some last week. I like when I get them to puff.


I will just leave this here…


Is that potatoes? Looks yummy. Now I’m ready for second supper :blush:


Yar!! Pro tip, boil baby potatoes till cooked, let them cool off completely, then in the same pan that you fried the meat in, just drop in a little olive oil and a table spoon of butter. Fry the potatoes till golden. You can also make it fancy, by adding fresh garlic chopped roughly, mushrooms and onions.


Mushrooms… mmmm


Had it the weekend. Very tasty. Had the ‘build-a-burger’. Bit of a hipster vibe at the one we have, but good for takeaways.


They are very hipster - but bloody good food and their gourmet shakes are to die for - their creme brulee is amazing


Oh yes, I saw some of those pass by me while I was waiting for my takeaways. Looked hectic but I’ve been fooled before. Will have to try them out some time.


If there’s ever a Tribeca down in Cape Town, make sure to try their milkshakes. I had an Espresso Oreo milkshake and it was the best I’ve ever had. They also had a crème brûlée and banana and caramel milkshakes. All their milkshakes are made with “fresh” ingredients, no syrups!


My wife tried something new tonight…

Some sort of lentil-carrots-onion-rice grub with a cashew butter sauce. Was good. But I’m sure anything with cashew butter tastes great. Not that the lentil-carrots-onion-rice grub wasn’t great.
Just saying cashew butter is amazing