What did you have for dinner


This is last week’s pizza


dude do you guys cheat like I do? I get some dough from the spar bakery (R12 for 1kg) Let it rise for a while then flatten it onto a sheet pan and make pizza?


Do what you knead to do, rise to the occasion. I wouldn’t call that cheating by any stretch. Yeast of all, it is a time saver. That being said, I do make my own dough, dough.


I currently dont have the equipment to make my own.

Hence the cheating, I also only use tomato paste for the tomato base, herbs, then some mozzarella, pre cooked mushrooms and bacon, ham, salami. Some fresh spinach leaves or red and yellow peppers.


Measuring cups or a scale (preferably), a bowl, a wooden spoon, the ingredients, and your hands is all you really need.

Your sauce sounds about the same. I use a can of crushed tomatoes, along with spices, herbs, garlic and some olive oil. Tomato paste works, but I’d need to water it down as I don’t like it thick, but amounts to the same thing.

I want to try and find a place that sells brick cheese (not the 900g blocks of Lancewood, I get that stuff regularly ;)), but for now I mix mozza and white cheddar. Bacon and salami are what I used on this last one. I hate mushrooms, so I’ll pass on that. (I used to work at a pizza hut, I’ll leave it at that)


See I like the intense tomato from the paste - plus I hate soggy pizza. We roll the base paper thin. We also use sweet chilli sauce and tomato paste for the guys who want a bit of heat.

The garlic and all that is part of my herb mix. The mushrooms isnt a must for me - my youngest brother just loves LOADED pizza. I tend to be a bit more spare with toppings. The spinach I use comes from the garden. And yes pineapple as well - but I prefer using crushed and I add it on afterwards so that the rest of the family cant bitch at me.

And you really have no idea how bad my baking skills are. I can cook but bake is not my friend


Pineapple makes soggy pizza imo… I am a thin crust kind of guy, but I love the detroit style with the cheese cooked along the edges (like the one in my pic). For heat, I use cayenne in the sauce. Sweet chilli isn’t hot, unless you get the Wellingtons Hot Sweet Chilli, which is the only acceptable kind :slight_smile:

The thing I like about kneading my own dough is it is an excellent stress reliever. But I’ve used puff pastry in a pinch. I do not recommend it at all…

One of these days I’m gonna build myself a pizza oven. My friend had one at his mom’s place, so we used to invade there. Thin, crispy crusts, and they cook in a minute and a half.


Its why I used crushed pineapple - I drain it well so that there is no water, just the pineapple.

We also make sure the cheese reach the edges, no spare crust.

And yes that is the only hot sauce besides sriracha that we have in the house


What brand sriracha you have? I’m all out, and that tiger brand I tried sucks…


We found this one at Woolies

My brother loves it, I cant use it, I cant even use to much pepper.


I’ve seen this one around. I’ll give it a shot next time I get a chance. Problem I had with the tiger one was the consistency of the sauce. It was way too smooth, and doesn’t mix in with melted butter. The taste was ok though. Just no good for popcorn.


This is south africa - most sauces are smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this one is like thick tomato sauce.

And WHY liquid on popcorn - doesnt it make it mushy


Well, the authentic Huy Fong sriracha sauce is smooth, and tomato sauce like, but has a tiny, tiny bit of grit to it… Nothing you can really notice past looking at it.

When you mix the real stuff with butter, it mixes in perfectly, and the popcorn keeps well. Real butter, not margarine (margarine makes popcorn mushy). Then add peri-peri aromat.


I love popcorn and melted butter <3

My folks have a pizza oven, we make foccacia and then when it is still piping hot spread hummus on it, couple fresh baby tomato pieces and rare steak or chicken cooked in the pizza oven.
Dam its goooood


This one is also available at checkers I saw today


I use the flying goose one, its expensive so its for us only. I have a friend who when he visits puts sauce on everything which is not bad if you live in a city. Out here its a problem as I cant just replace it.


Oooh, hummus, that sounds awesome!

I’ll probably try that one next.

Oh sweet, I’ll have to see next time I’m in the area of checkers… I have tried that one before (a friend ordered me a bottle off yuppiechef once), and it actually worked well with the butter, but the flavour wasn’t quite right for a tomato sauce replacement.


Nice tomato sauce recipe - not very scientific as I made it with what I had.
Throw whole tomatoes in boiling water for a short period. The skin goes soft so remove it.
in a pan on low heat brown onions in oil whilst blitzing the tomatoes to a smooth pulp.
back to the onions. you not frying these guys so make sure its low heat. they start to go translucent. add garlic, touch of curry powder (more than a pinch, less than a heaped teaspoon), salt, herbs and still on the low heat let them all chill and mix and fill the kitchen with yummy smells.
throw the blitzed tomatoes in and still on a low heat let all the flavors become acquainted and nice and warm.
Serve on pasta


I make dough.


Last night I had a delicious rump steak at Pappacino’s - they really know how to make a great steak!