What did you have for dinner


Something about drinking melktert just sounds gross


We’ve mostly been eating super healthy this year. So um tonight I want to order something super unhealthy for delivery. I’m thinking a nice burger and chips.


No! Don’t give in to temptation!

We had a potjie-fondue this afternoon. Everyone made their own little potjie over that green burning gel. Worked out quite well. Would do it again. Only problem is when you want seconds…

I made a Two-bean coconut curry potjie with mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and potatoes


Made steak. Wanted to make a pan sauce while the steak was resting and I left the pan on and then all the nice caramelised stuff got burnt. :pensive:


At least you don’t do it often, mum made potatoes - I have no idea how she does it, but she burns potatoes - ALL the time.


We went vegetarian tonight for dinner

truffle conchiglioni… Was quite delicious. Absolutely loving UCook


rice & veg with pie



I want to make the veggie one, the shrimp I will change to pork and the chicken one
I made the beef and broccoli one already and it was awesome


Went with my parents to a teppenyaki last night.

Dang that was good