What's your favourite movie of all time?


My favourite movie is probably Watchmen.
I know fans of the comic don’t like it that much, but I love it.


This is a tough one… I’d probably say Empire Strikes Back, but my Star Wars fandom isn’t what it used to be…

So here’s some memorable ones that I wouldn’t mind giving another go (in no particular order)

Princess Bride
Fifth Element
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Strange Days

I’d probably say Fifth Element would be pretty close to the top


Wow, this is a difficult one!

Some of my all time favourites are:
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
The Last Samurai
The Passion of the Christ
The Martian
Toy Story 3


Matrix… :blush:


Yeah, I hate to say it, but the first two Matrix movies comes out on top. So, my list looks something like this:
The Matrix + Resolutions
Rush Hour (All)
Lethal Weapon (All)
The Dark Knight
The Rundown
Lucky Number Slevin


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


I tried watching Warcraft but honestly i don’t know any of the Warcraft history and the movies made no sense. Some of the scenes looked really cool though


My favorite movie is Blow. Nice story, nice actors. :slight_smile: