Your input needed: Discussing stuff that is illegal or against a game's terms of service on MEW



This is why I say we should allow open discourse on the subjects, just not openly scream hey I pirate xyz or hey click here for instructions on how to jailbreak something. Same for the private servers - I have no issue discussing them, but just please no public links to said servers - you can share it via pm.

That is just to protect us. I have been on forums where someone forgot to link to a source and the forum was shut down for over a month due to the legal battle - the forum also didnt survive it. I just want people to think of that side of the coin as well.


fine line between an educational discussion and an illegal how to manual.
We are all grown ups here and most of the mods are of sober habit :wink: so the minute a thread seems to be tip toeing over the line, 1 warning and if it doesn’t get back to where it should be lock it.