1 - The Beginning

“But there’s a beginning in an end, you know? It’s true that you can’t reclaim what you had, but you can lock it up behind you. Start fresh.”
― Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds

And so we start again. I remember way back in school they taught us to not start a sentence with a conjunction. It seems appropriate though since we are just continuing where we left off. A couple of years worth of history will be deleted. Hours of our lives will die and fade away. Inevitably this will happen to everything and still it is sad.

Yet we continue. Life goes on and we are lucky to have a little place to call our own.

An advantage of letting go of the past is to try something new. Now I can tell you that I spent hours thinking of a theme for this blog and I’m a busy man. Time is limited and writing blog posts take much longer than one would like to admit. There is however something I’ve always wanted to do and maybe this is the opportune time to see if I actually can.

See, when I was a little boy I drew comics. Comics about a ninja that I let other kids read at school. People liked it and I liked putting them together. As with all things, life happened and I stopped making them. A couple of times in my adult life I wanted to start a web comic. I love reading them and I had so many ideas. The older you get though the more you let your dreams die and realise you will probably never get to them. The older you get the more precious your time becomes and the less you have.

Here I am now and I can start something. I have no artistic ability since I let that part of me die over the years. At some point I stopped thinking of comic ideas and my creativity died with my artistry.

It’s time to light the fire again.

Seclusion is going to be a web comic.

It is going to be, mind you. In the beginning it’s going to be a blog about trying to start a web comic. Finding the tools. Learning the skills. Making time. Starting somewhere.


At this Firelink Shrine.


I just came her to say…in the bininging :wink:

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ooh im also trying to keep my creativeness alive, i will help out as much as i can Soli

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