2 bust for allegedly trying to smuggle water to Western Cape illegally

Cape Town – Two people were caught red-handed in Muldersdrift allegedly trying to fill tankers of water to drive down to the Western Cape on Wednesday night, the Mogale City Local Municipality said

2 bust for allegedly trying to smuggle water to Western Cape illegally

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Looks like things are going to get really interesting if people are going to start trucking in water from Gauteng. I think everyone needs to start checking their sources before we great another illegal cartel in SA.

We are lucky to have a contact with a borehole - they will come fill the jojo tanks for us. We just need to set up a system to get the water into the house for us.

Didn’t know you could even smuggle water?

Yeah how the hell do you smuggle water and illegally at that?

They are pulling the water from a distribution point in gauteng that is normally used to supply water to the township areas and such then selling it in cape town. So for one they pretending to be municipal distribution trucks to collect the water for free, then they are driving it to Cape Town and selling it without license ect.

As far as I know moving anything stolen and pretending to be something else is smuggling.

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Yeah I read the full story…apparently their 3rd time doing it as well.

Ahh wanted to say, because i mean whats wrong with helping another provice by giving them water, but if they are making profit off it, thats not cool

Tons of opportunistic dooses trying their luck. I bought a 1000l tank from a guy just outside Paarl - wanted to charge me R1000 to deliver it to my address, which is in Paarl.