4 - Attempting

“It seems frankly remarkable that anyone anywhere ever attempted anything.”
― David Rakoff

This is the week that MyGaming shuts its doors. It felt fitting that I create a little comic to say goodbye. I had a general idea of what I wanted to create and then I thought I would try out different drawing applications on my tablet and see which one I like the most.

Vector wise there isn’t much to choose from which is very disappointing. Inker remains the best option which is sad when the iPad has Affinity Designer which is the program that I use on PC. If I knew that was the case then I may have opted for an iPad rather. I just can’t seem to find anything similar on the Google Play Store.

I tried some of the more traditional drawing apps and even though they work well I am a seriously bad artist. It will take me months to create anything worth posting if I go that route. I envy people who can draw. Seriously. If I could go back in time and learn a skill then that would be it.

With no other alternative and not wanting to use my PC, I tried to make something in Inker. Oh how I struggled. I can see the picture in my head but making that picture appear on a screen proved to be very difficult. It will take time to learn the application and to acquire the skills to create something decent.

So instead of MyGaming getting a comic to send it off, it’s getting this rambling text instead.

Maybe it’s fitting.


Time to buy into the Apple ecosystem then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha already have a tablet so will have to stick with it. I love the tablet but it does look like the iPad has more serious apps which is a shame.

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I told you to buy the pro…