5 - Starting Elite Dangerous

It’s a start.


First thing I bought in ED when I started, as soon as I could, was a docking computer, never looked back. Interestingly enough, I played the original Elite when it came out for this amazing piece of technology:

The first thing I did that made it a lot more playable on that version was buy a docking computer too. Ahhh fun times ducking school and playing this on a black and white TV.


I recently got this game when it was on special over Christmas time. I love space ‘excel’ games and this was no exception. As you guys said, a docking computer is definitely the way to go. It saves you so much time.
The only thing I found was that the game got repetitive very quickly for me. Especially after finding eddb.io all game time was spent hopping between systems trading the most valuable items to eventually has so much money there wasn’t anything to do with it all.
Still love the game though. After about 2 months of grind I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere though.
I’ve put it to the side for now. :grinning:


Maybe I should give the docking computer a try, I’ve never used it and I believe I can land/dock much quicker than the computer will (especially since I don’t adhere to the speed limits).

Yeah definitely. With it, as soon as you drop out of ‘whatever the warp speed name is’ by the station you want to be at, boost once or twice till you get within 5000m to request docking permission, throttle down and the computer takes over, giving you time to look at configs or cargo info as it brings you in.