6 - The Leftovers

“If you once realize that to-morrow, if not to-day, you will die and nothing will be left of you, everything becomes insignificant!”
― Leo Tolstoy

I went to go say goodbye to my grandmother this weekend.

She’s ninety something years old and until recently she’s been rather healthy. She’s in intensive care now. She’s lived a full life and the doctors say her organs are giving in.

It’s not nice to be old. The hospital ward is filled with very old people waiting to die. We will all die one day. Our time is limited. And time flies.

It feels like only a couple of years ago when I was a kid, swimming in my grandparents’ swimming pool. Now here I am, almost forty, my grandmother in her death bed and it makes one think about the insignificance of it all.

Appreciate your loved ones because at any point anyone can die. My wife still regrets that she couldn’t say bye to her dad.

Find something that you enjoy and enjoy it. We work ourselves to death. Worry ourselves about this and that and life is passing us by.

Go make someone’s day. Give someone a hug. Tell a person something that will make them smile.

Make yourself smile.


Sorry about that man. Tough one.

Well said, well written.



Live every day like it’s your last day; you never know, you might be right. (You will be right someday).
I see way too many people die, but if you ask me to show you someone that really lives…what does that even look like?

I always ask myself: One day when I’m retired, sitting in my rocking chair, frail in the old age home and I look back at my life, will I be able to say “it was worth it”?

This song means so much to me in this regard:


It is great that your grandmother has lived a full life and has loved ones who can bid her farewell, but I am still sorry for your loss.

Powerful words, and a wonderful reminder. Thanks, @Solitude.

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Really sorry about you’re loss Soli. And it’s very well said. We can get caught up in our normal routine, and it’s easy to forget and loose perspective and focus on what truly is important in life.


huge hugs Soli It’s hard to say goodbye. I am just glad you got the chance to speak to her. I did not with any of my grandparents - most died while I was either unborn or 4, 10. My one grandmother was senile, had Alzheimer’s and for the last 2 years of her life didn’t know who anyone including my mum, was. Its harder to watch them waste away.