A better way to test your Internet speed in South Africa


Some pretty decent looking pings in here.



hopefully 20/20


Home fibre connection.


I don’t get how this speed test is any better or different from any other


The background is whiter.


I have a “dark mode” plugin for this exact reason


I’ve never had to say this but… these speeds are incorrect because I’m physically being limited by the LAN cable :joy:

e.g. From a different computer



Our office’s bottom floor speed. I’m on Wifi and getting slower speed than the guys upstairs on LAN. They get closer to 100Mbps.


ISP: Cell C
Ping: 2ms
Download: 17.82Mbps
Upload: 20.47Mbps
Test your speed: http://speedtest.co.za


I play PUBG Mobile @ 220± ping - European Server(s) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s not that bad, actually.

Heeeeeeeeelp with Fiber